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Who funds terrorism and why?

Nearly every day in one or another country explosions are heard and innocent blood is shed. Global terrorism has become a major problem of the early 21st century. Attempts to deal with it have not produced any results. Terrorism is a well-organized structure. Who are the main sponsors of terrorist acts? Who is financing terrorists and why?

The U.S. financial intelligence unveiled its new list of the countries suspected of involvement in terrorism financing and money laundering. According to its estimates, the situation in Iran and North Korea is so serious that it requires immediate defensive "counter-measures." The Americans advised to practice "enhanced precautions" in relation to 13 countries - Vietnam, Indonesia, Yemen, Kenya, Pakistan, Nigeria, Myanmar, Sao Tome and Principe, Ecuador, Turkey, Tanzania, Syria and Yemen. 

Another two dozen countries, including Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, have been named countries with "strategic deficiencies" who expressed willingness to deal with them. The relations between the United States, Iran and North Korea are quite complicated. These countries are virtually on the verge of a war, and ominous calls were heard from one party or another more than once. This is precisely why the United States included them in the list of the most dangerous countries helping terrorists.

The Americans generally like to change their opinions, calling the enemies those who are not beneficial at the time and justifying real devils. Last year the U.S. called Saudi Arabia the primary sponsor of terrorists. The Americans stated that the Saudis were active in all areas of international terrorism; they were planning attacks and engaged in financing the activities of criminal gangs.  

The report submitted on 10 July 2012 by the Pentagon's leading analyst firm "Rand Corporation" stated that in the event of a failure to do away with this activity it was advisable to freeze all financial assets of the kingdom and strike at the Saudi oil fields. 

It would be wrong to say that a struggle with terrorism can be won through the destruction of its combat units, as they are only an advanced echelon of the enormous extremist structure that wants to change the existing world order through violence. The second, basic tier includes Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Lebanon and other countries.

Headquarters, training centers and arsenals of terrorists are located on the territory of these countries. The authorities in these countries provide terrorists the opportunity to use public infrastructure for communication and command. They also supply bandits with weapons, documents, intelligence and information support.

Financial institutions through which terrorists get money to implement the most sophisticated and bloody actions are also located on their territory. But the core jihad countries are usually economically weak communities. With fairly limited resources, they allocated a great deal of money for the maintenance of their own armed forces.

But a significant part goes directly to terrorists. Who delivers these funds? They are provided by countries of the third tier that consist mainly of oil emirates of the Persian Gulf. It is usually absolute monarchies whose main sources of income are production and sale of oil and gas.

The populations of these countries almost without exception are of Muslim Wahhabi orientation, the most reactionary Muslim faith aimed at achieving global domination of Islam. Finally, these countries are located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, which allows them to consolidate their own efforts and respond quickly to any changes. The third tier of jihad today includes 5 countries: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain.

Saudi Arabia is a huge country whose territory is four times larger than the area of ​​France. The country has a population of just over 20 million people, and its main religion is Wahhabi Islam, whose canons are fully integrated in the daily life of the country. Saudi Arabia is the informal head of the Islamic world, because Mecca and the Kaaba are located on its territory.

The clan at power conducts a consistent policy of Wahhabi doctrine statements, and not only in their own country. The essence of this doctrine is set out in the Tauhid manifesto that says that true Muslims must fight with the infidels everywhere and continuously, with word, arms and money. Saudi Arabia learned the last message well and finances terrorism.

For example, Saudi Arabia's military budget is $18.7 billion, which is one of the highest in the world. At the same time, the Saudi Army has only 200,000 soldiers and officers. In comparison, China spends $17 billion dollars on its military, while the armed forces of this country exceed 2.4 million people.

Where do those billions actually go? Today it is clear that they are spent on funding the countries and organizations on the frontlines of the war with the civilized world. According to intelligence of U.S., Israel and Russia, the money to finance Pakistan's nuclear and missile programs as well as creation of the "Taliban" and its activities in Afghanistan was sent precisely from the military budget of Saudi Arabia.

Over five years the money has been paying for the activities of Chechen military units. In addition, the citizens of Saudi Arabia take part in the most bloody and cynical crimes in all regions of the world more actively than other Arabs. Thousands of them were concentrated in the "dormant" terrorist units of Islamic diaspora in Europe and America. They are driven not only by religious fanaticism. Saudi petrodollars have not been canceled.

Everybody knows that the rebel troops in Syria are funded by the West. The United States wants to take control of the country with huge resources of oil and gas. The Americans must restore order in their own country before blaming other countries in supporting terrorism. After all, it is the U.S. that created Al-Qaeda as the opposition to the Soviet forces in Afghanistan, the U.S. has grown Bin Laden, etc.  

The American neo-conservatives openly support terrorists in the Caucasus. Terrorism in the Caucasus region of Russia is a cynical organization created by the U.S. intelligence to manipulate and destroy the Russian Federation. A complex network of terrorist organizations operating under the banner of "independence" and "separatism" for the Caucasus region for over two decades has been trying to destabilize the situation in Russia.

With the money of the U.S. State Department and the Foreign Ministry of Finland "Kavkaz-Center" was created and launched. It is a propaganda mouthpiece of Doku Umarov. Any terrorist attack is characterized as a heroic act. Another sponsor organization is "The American Committee for Peace in the Caucasus." According to the report of the Institute of Political Studies, the committee was founded in 1999 by Freedom House - a neo-conservative organization that cooperates with the U.S. government.

This fund receives money from the National Fund for Democracy. "The American Committee for Peace in the Caucasus" finances the activities of terrorists trying to destroy Russia from within. Former foreign minister of Ichkeria Ilyas Akhmadov was given the status of a "political refugee" by this organization. It is this committee that provided him with funding sponsored by the American taxpayers. Therefore, the U.S., blaming everyone in support of terrorism, in many ways is the founder and a main sponsor of this phenomenon. Unfortunately, innocent people suffer from these political games.

Sergei Vasilenkov


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