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We have a King!

by Costantino Ceoldo

One again Italy has a King... oh! Pardon! A President of the Republic.

But in this case it is easy to become confused!

In fact it is true that the Italian Parliament has just elected a new President of the Republic but he is as such as that who preceded him.

Well ... In fact they are the same person, who occupies a position for seven years and whose mandate was recently completed.

He is once again Giorgio Napolitano, Mr. President. King Giorgio, for some.

It had never happened before, in the history of the Italian Republic since 1948.

And so Giorgio Napolitano, Mr. President, became President of the Italian Republic for the second time, on April 20 of the year of grace 2013, perhaps by God's will, but certainly not by the will of the Italian people.

People who, in some ways, had a pocket full and wanted someone else in his place.

The President of the Italian Republic has never been elected as a result of free popular elections, but after parliamentary voting that takes place according to precise rules.  It's the Italian Parliament determining who will be the President of the Republic, choosing between one or more candidates who are  more than 50 years of age and people that, at least on paper, have characteristics that make them appropriate to the prestige of this office.

The President of the Italian Republic represents national unity and therefore the whole Italian people. He is the supreme commander of the armed forces, although he cannot directly order any military action. He presides over the Council of the Judiciary, the self-governing body of the Italian courts, and ensuring their independence from the political power.

More generally, the President of the Republic should act as peacemaker in political disputes, because generally he is older and, hopefully, so wise.

He is, or should be, a non-partisan figure representing the interests of the whole Nation and not those of someone special. He remains in office seven years and his term, according to the Constitution, may be renewed a second time for another 7 years: a long period of time, in hindsight.

No one before Giorgio Napolitano, Mr. President, has ever accepted a second assignment: Presidents better than him and really loved by the population, like the late Sandro Pertini, categorically refused. To say nothing of others more scarce.

The same Giorgio Napolitano, Mr. President, a few days before being re-elected rejected the idea of ​​a second mandate, because this is the time of change and new ideas.

Admittedly, we did not realize how much this man loves joking!

Aside from the one to be elected a second time creating a useless and dangerous precedent, Giorgio Napolitano, Mr. President, had only one new idea: his was the insane idea that the President of the Republic cannot be investigated while in office because he has "prerogatives."

Needless was the observation from some judges that these kinds of "prerogatives"  are more typical of a monarch than of a President of a modern democracy.

As an immediate consequence of this philosophy, a significant investigation on the Mafia has been severely hampered because of some references about Giorgio Napolitano, Mr. President, have appeared, and some wiretaps, therefore, were destroyed.

Giorgio Napolitano, Mr. President, played his first seven year long mandate in the name of complete and utter subjection to European and Atlantic economic powers, powers that are represented in Europe by the European Central Bank, by the big American international banks and by NATO.

It is fair to say that Giorgio Napolitano, Mr. President, showed a similar subjection even in his youth, when he was an important exponent of the Italian Communist Party.

At least in words, at the time, he was more a Communist of the Soviet communists and totally engaged in the Herculean task of raising the oppressed proletariat.

We did not expect that such work could be accomplished in a few years, but even we expected to see the opposite result.

Now, he is more American than the Americans and champion of an unrestrained liberalism and freedom of the market.

What were the alternatives to Giorgio Napolitano, Mr. President?

Some candidates have been rejected by Silvio Berlusconi, recently re-elected in Parliament despite his age and the dozens of processes against him, many of which are still in progress and for various reasons.

Others did not provide adequate guarantees to the power groups that make Italy more and more an American colony: opaque figures, with low intellect and too slow to obey.

Still others, like Ferdinando Imposimato, Gustavo Zagrebelsky, Giulietto Chiesa, Gino Strada, Stefano Rodotà were not candidates because they are more honest, upright and maybe even determined in their respect to the Italian Constitution.

Some of them even claim to not believe the official version about September 11th. Let's be serious!

Stefano Rodotà was the most credible candidate and defended by the 5 Stars Movement, real political innovation emerged from the last election and for this reason dismissed out of hand by the old political class.

Stefano Rodotà has repeatedly defended the Constitution. For example:

Article 1 states that Italy is a Republic based on work and, therefore, that Italians have the right to have a job.

Article 11 states that Italy repudiates war as an instrument of international policy.

Article 36 states that every worker should have a salary appropriate for the work done and in any case enough to live with dignity.

But in these days work is missing, wages are often miserable and someone has already decided that Italy will participate, even with erotic pleasure, in the next wars against Syria and Iran. And perhaps in other wars still, against Russia and China, if necessary, to the benefit of those who think they rule the world.

And then how could someone be elected other than Giorgio Napolitano, Mr. President, as a representative of the Italian Republic?

The sad truth is that he has always been the ideal candidate, the only one really suitable to carry out the dirty work that will be commissioned by those who hold economic and military power.

Realizing it now, with the benefit of hindsight, does not make it less bitter. On the contrary.

The second mandate of Giorgio Napolitano, Mr. President, is in formal compliance with the Law, but it is the same as a negative and dangerous precedent for Italian democracy.

The political class that elected him is old, stupid, rattling and doesn't realize it.

They do not even care because they are too busy surviving day to day, deliberately ignoring the real parts of the Italian people, their needs and their problems.

Prepared for publication by:

Lisa Karpova