War against Iraq: neither for peace nor democracy

The success of the U.S. in its recent wars has been insignificant. This was the case for war against Iraq, which was never found:  chemical weapons to legitimize that intervention.

The decades of the 60s/70s were the cradle of ultraliberal ideological revolution, which was to consolidate the world in the 80s with Reagan and Thatcher. This ultraliberal revolution (one of the most prosperous of all history) spread around the world, among others, in three directions: (a) global neoliberalism in economic (free market dogma, the state minimum etc..), (B) the Neo-international interventionism plan and (c) the neoconservative (in politics and especially in the legal-criminal area).

Internationally the U.S., since the second half of the twentieth century, is spreading countless wars to the whole world: ideological wars in defense of market capitalism (years 60s and 70s), Cold War (until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989), the war on drugs, war on crime, 'humanitarian' wars (against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya etc..) war on terror (Guantanamo) etc..

The success of the U.S. in its recent wars has been insignificant. This is the case for war against Iraq (which chemical weapons were never found to legitimize intervention). Thousands upon thousands of people were slaughtered annually in the last decade. Every war is revealed as a meat and human bones grinding machine. To the pretext of seeking 'world peace', the U.S. invaded Iraq (10 years ago), arrested and sentenced Saddam Hussein to death. Nothing resembling democracy nor peace in the country. Another crude messianism (in the name of good going in and exterminating human lives). There were no nuclear or biological weapons in Iraq or terrorism. The situation of lawlessness is widespread.  Removing a dictatorial regime, but in its place nothing solid was built, but a civil war. Pure Messianism (and absolutely unpunished).

After a decade, and more than a billion dollars spent, a new Iraq is far from built from the rubble today, ruled by a tendentiously dictatorial Prime Minister , that wants to perpetuate himself in power, with Parliament voting against it.

Bush and Blair had no idea about Iraq, their strengths, their structures and their traditions. They supposedly deposed a tyrant, but created others. Indeed, the very act, called 'humanitarian', was an act of tyranny, because it was founded on falsehood and bad faith.

World terrorism was not excised, Iraqi democracy and peace is far from being born or reached. Baghdad is not a U.S. ally nor is there certainty about providing preferential oil. Another abuse by messianism, domination by the will, which always means horrific violations of human rights of countless innocent victims. So-called civilized construction began of the new millennium.

* Luiz Flavio Gomes is a lawyer and CEO of the Institute Avante Brazil

Source: Carta Maior

Translated from the Portuguese version by:

Lisa Karpova


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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey