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Unmanned freedom, American style

All achievements of modern science and U.S. military technology are used to kill innocent civilians in other countries. Civilians are being murdered by programmed machines, unmanned aerial vehicles. Drones have neither mercy nor compassion, and do justice in the American way, leaving no chance to the innocent.

In Yemen, Pakistan and other countries, 4,700 people fell victims of the U.S. drones, as stated by a Republican Senator Lindsey Graham. He said that sometimes airstrikes killed innocent people, which he did not like, but it was a war, and the United States were able to destroy some of the influential members of al-Qaeda.

It is not clear whether these findings are the official data of the Government, or the number of victims is based on the assessment of the senator. Graham is known for actively supporting the use of drones to fight against terrorist organizations, despite the criticism of this method by the U.S. Congress. The Senator stated that drones were tactical weapons in service of the U.S. Army and must be used.

Drones have been actively used against terrorists since 2004. For the first time in nine years an American representative mentioned a death toll from U.S. drones. The administration refuses to confirm these data. According to investigative journalists, only in Pakistan drone strikes have killed 2.6-3.4 thousand people since 2004, of which 470-900 are civilians. These are innocent people destroyed by the latest U.S. military development.  

U.S. drones were active in Pakistan, where they searched for and killed militants who allegedly could "undermine" the U.S. power. These aircraft can fly without a pilot and are controlled remotely. From a technical point of view, such drones can be produced and used only by a country with a significant scientific expertise and advanced technology. A drone must not only reach the desired area, but also shoot a missile at the target. After the bitter lessons learned from Vietnam, the U.S. has been using manpower for military operations increasingly less. Practice shows that U.S. soldiers lose on all counts as they are demanding, unstable and fight only for money.

The American society still criticizes the U.S. government of the 1960's that sent to death and mutilated the entire generation of the Americans in the South-East Asia. Almost all U.S. military operations in recent years have been using bomb and missile strikes covering large areas. Only after a complete demoralization of the enemy ground forces enter the defeated areas. This is how the United States is fighting terrorists. Perhaps, there is no pilot in America who would agree to fly over the positions of "al-Qaeda," even for big money. It is a shame that civilians of other countries suffer from these bombings.

On September 3rd of last year, the U.S. Army drone strike missed when firing at suspected militants. As a result of the error 13 civilians were killed, among them two women. Interestingly, this is no longer a sensation (except in the first few hours). This has become a systematic practice of the U.S. Army in different countries on different continents. On January 20th of this year, a U.S. drone in Yemen killed eight people, four of which were alleged insurgents of al-Qaeda, and another four - simple civilians of Abida tribe.

U.S. drones were first used after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Before that these planes were used for reconnaissance. The U.S. military liked the convenience of destroying the enemy remotely with zero personal losses, and a single operation evolved into a strategy of combat operations. They are not particularly concerned that such attacks kill innocent people. For example, in 2006, the Americans struck three airstrike in Pakistan, destroying 108 people. 97 people were civilians, and 75 - children. From the summer of 2004 to the fall of 2012 in Pakistan drone attacks killed 881 civilians, including 176 children. The official Washington reluctantly admits attacks on civilians, and only when there is no way to reject the allegation.  

The use of drones for military operations has grown under the current U.S. President, Barack Obama, Nobel Peace Prize winner. Of the three hundred operations conducted by drones in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region, 250 occurred in the first term of his presidency.

Military analyst, retired Colonel Michael Timoshenko commented on the use of U.S. drones: 

"There are no guarantees that there will be no civilian casualties from the use of drones. On the contrary, their use ensures that there will be other victims. A reconnaissance drone first determines the target, and only then a decision on the use of an impact drone is made. This is a fairly long period of time when significant changes may occur. In addition, the equipment cannot provide a hundred percent target identification. Do not believe films showing that American satellites can identify license plates or study the anatomy of nude girls. This is a lie. It is because of the imperfection of technology that women and children or a group of Pakistani officers are being killed. There is another issue. A signal goes through a commercial satellite that some craftsmen are trying to hack, changing the signal. Sometimes, these attempts are successful. Once, Iran intercepted control of a reconnaissance drone. Errors are predetermined, as well as civilian victims. However, this does not matter for the U.S. since they only care about their nationals.

The U.S. authorities decided to start shedding their own blood. Recently Barack Obama proposed the use of unmanned aerial vehicles against U.S. citizens. The Pentagon has repeatedly said that to date, drones are the best way to deal with gangs. According to the U.S. military, the practice of using drones has prevented a number of attacks on the U.S. and saved lives of many ordinary Americans who could have fallen victims of terrorist attacks. But the war on terror today has no borders, so the U.S. government considers it legitimate to destroy with drones any American suspected of terrorism. The U.S. government submitted a 16-page paper on the topic, but it does not contain a precise definition of a terrorist. Therefore, anyone can suddenly become a potential victim. In addition, the administration does not have to provide the court with any evidence of guilt, either before or after the attack. The events in the United States are reminiscent of those of Germany in 1937, which is scary.

Sergei Vasilenkov


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