Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Chavez will undergo surgery; Venezuela may have new election

"With God's favor, as on previous occasions, we will be victorious and march forward," Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela, said after a report that he will undergo further surgery. The last test detected the presence of malignant cells in the same body region in which a tumor was diagnosed in 2011.

The head of state, accompanied by Vice President Nicolás Maduro and some ministers, said in Miraflores Palace he would leave for Cuba on Monday (10th) to undergo a new surgical treatment, and said that as always, he remains wedded to Christ and will that  overcome this new stage that life presented him.

During his speech broadcast on national radio and television, the Venezuelan president stressed that the Bolivarian Revolution does not depend on one man, since it is a collective, and that the Venezuelan people took it as such.

"We go through stages, luckily this revolution does not depend on one man, but presents as a  a collective leadership" he added.

Chavez also made a call for the strengthening of the unity of all the popular and revolutionary forces. "I say this because opponents will not rest in intrigue, especially in circumstances like these. Unity, unity. Homeland Today we are more alive than ever. Viva the fatherland!" - he emphasized.

Thrilled, Chavez made reference to security and conviction of the unity of all Venezuelan patriots in defense of the homeland and its Revolution.

The president said that there are undeniable risks in this new battle and urged the people to follow by raising high the banner of the Bolivarian revolution and the fatherland.

Chavez warned about the possibility of some situation occurring that would prevent him from continuing his activities as acting head of state. In this case, undeniable  another election would be required to choose the president. In that case, said Chavez, vice president Nicolás Maduro would be the candidate of the Bolivarian Revolution to direct the destinies of the homeland of Bolívar in the warmth of the people.

The national representative stressed that in Venezuela "Chávez is a big collective" which as in the presidential campaign, "Chávez is the heart of the people."

Chavez said that his life was marked by "life amid miracles," as the Bolivarian Revolution, which restored the independence and sovereignty of the Venezuelan people.

The president said that since June 2011, he has been facing this health problem, but "we have mystical faith and hope, with great dedication to the individual and family," and we even "faced manipulations and human misery, but above all with our head erect as a nation and as individuals."

"It was decided to refer me to a new surgery," he expressed, after recalling that in February 2012 he had suffered a relapse which was successfully faced and overcome.

Chavez explained that  the moment he feels the pain "is somewhat important" and are being treated with sedatives, as part of the preoperative phase to the next surgery.

The Minister of Communication and Information, Ernesto Villegas, invited the Venezuelan people to gather on Sunday (9th) in every street of the country that carries the name of Simon Bolivar to express solidarity with the president, Hugo Chávez.

Translated from the Portuguese version by:

Lisa Karpova