Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Chemical Weapons: A pretext for NATO to enter the conflict

by Anna Malm *

Bill Van Auken said Obama had declared - without presenting any evidence - that they had been told there was movement of chemical weapons in Syria, in the country in which his administration supports very specific "rebels" - read, terrorists, funded and trained by them.

These terrorists come from Libya, Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan, as well as northern, southern, central, eastern and western Africa. Most of them are Islamist extremists, working closely with al-Qaida. The joint intention of these terrorists and the Obama administration is the overthrow of the secular regime of Bashar Assad.

It is noteworthy here that the secular government of Bashar Assad in Syria, could also be specified as social-inclusive. The current government of Syria in this way would then have many points in common with the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein and Libya's Gaddafi. Iraq and Libya are now in ruins today and dismembered because of the brutal and illegal wars perpetrated against them by the very same constellations that now line up against Syria.

The destruction of Syria as an independent, sovereign state has already been shown as the right path.  The economic political and military interests of western hegemony coincide with the interests of some countries in the region, who are now lining up to present a new-old excuse, the same pretext that also was used against Iraq - the pretext of chemical weapons.

They are now accusing, in unison, Bashar Al Assad to be on track to use chemical weapons "against his own people."  Among the Syrian people there are very few terrorists.  They arrived there in Syria a few months, or even weeks or days ago, coming from Libya, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Africa as specified above, and even further from other regions of the globe. They arrive in Syria after being heavily armed and trained by representatives of western interests and synchronized with them.

Obama, supported by the echo of the servile institutionalized media in the U.S., now promotes the old pretext of chemical weapons of mass destruction to advance yet another war of aggression. Just as was done in the case of Iraq. Now, after so many years, we have finally had official acknowledgments that everything was a lie, very consciously released by the White House and supported by England.

These conscious criminal lies ended up killing over 1,000,000 Iraqis. The economic objectives of robbery were obtained by them and the dead, wounded, imprisoned or tortured do not count. Because of the lies, for which they do not repent, so many were killed so far with each passing day, and still today countless victims are being tortured daily in such a brutal and inhumane form.

It is noteworthy that an analysis based on the statements of the Obama administration, and what was reported by the media, clearly shows that we are facing another pretext leading to consequences - these yes - mass deaths. Everything indicates that the story is invented again simply because, there is not a shadow of any evidence that might be presented at least as credible evidence.

There is nothing at all, no indication of some unusual activity out of daily life, or even of any possible transport of anything that could be construed in this sense. Nothing, but someone who does not know, has said that it was so. This matters very little to someone who, like Obama, presents himself as the president of the United States of America.

In this context there was no charge that the Obama administration was able to prove, claiming to worry over the fact that chemical weapons could then fall into the hands of Al Qaeda terrorists there who are fighting to overthrow Bashar Al Assad, backed by the core of western hegemony, and by the Gulf monarchies, as well as Turkey.

This fact by itself should have made us all very suspicious and alarmed. If they were so concerned with the fact that Bashar Assad could use chemical weapons while they are about to start a major war, without waiting for any evidence, why then would they not mind that the terrorists could also get hold of them and use them for their goals? After all, these terrorists have already demonstrated that they can do inside Syria...

* Anna Malm - BSc / MSc: Economics, Psychology BA: Political Science-National Economy

Translated from the Portuguese version by:

Lisa Karpova