Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Israel and Palestine Hate and Business

by Laerte Braga
Together in Nazi/Zionist barbarism they are against Palestinians. The hatred with the biblical presumption of racial superiority and of a divine mission, their "business," which is the looting and piracy against Palestinian lives and wealth. Worse. This hatred and this "business" spreads throughout the world in a cynicism that characterized Hitler's successors.
"Let's send Gaza back to the Middle Ages."  It was the statement of one of the terrorist cabinet ministers in Tel Aviv. It was printed in every newspaper in the world. There was no hiding. The videos and photos of the bodies of children, women, and elderly people killed in feigned insanity, in the false indignation of those who occupy other people's lands are universal and embody the history of cruelty through the ages.
Israel's attacks on Gaza are crimes of genocide and have the support of nations like the United States and its main settlement in the European Union, Britain. The blood of Palestinians rushes worldwide, awakening the revolt of humans who still remain as such.
The extended bodies look distressed, in pain, anger, misunderstanding they are due to so much hatred, so much "business."
The terrorist government of Israel has appropriated Palestinian land and water. In the case of water, a Zionist company operates the well on Palestinian land and charges Palestinians double.  They are habitual thieves throughout history. And interestingly, the Quran forbids the charging of interest.  There is a vast difference between hate and "business" and the simplicity of shepherds and farmers forced off their land, surrounded by a wall and frightened by battalions of men beasts, or beasts armed to the teeth and without the slightest sheen of a human eye.
In Gaza, Palestinians are making a living in the production of flowers and fruit, among other primary activities, but they are rich in spirit. The flowers are dead and are not "winning cannons."
Stop this horror? Israel is no longer a right of a people - despite the protests of Jews around the world against their government - to become what Einstein, even in the late 40s and early 50s predicted. Criminals in government.
It is a fallacy to claim that Hamas rockets reach Jerusalem.  There are rockets near the chemical arsenal (white phosphorus) and nuclear terrorists in Tel-Aviv.
The silence of the governments of Egypt, Jordan, of Muslim countrie is inexplicable before the unacceptable massacres . It is a silence that sounds like stabbing.
Nicolas Sarkozy when he was  the French president, proposed to Parliament that his country, in the name of freedom, prohibit the use of the burqa in public.  There are close to two thousand women who wore the burqa in public throughout France. Two thousand women are now condemned to remain in their homes, locked up. There are millions that in their religion use religious habits in public.  There are thousands who hide in fantasies  and no law was brought up to ensure freedom, or "libertarian traditions," and none came to speak like the former president.

A perfect analysis of prejudice is in the book Living in the End Times, by Marxist, Slavoj Zizek, one of the most respected thinkers of today.
The Palestinian struggle is for all the oppressed of the world.
Turn off the corporate media and the whole rotten media market that dominates information. To serve their bosses they do not mind getting their hands dirty with blood in the name of profit and show a face, just a face, that we call "terrorism." They hide the true terror.
They are part of the  political and economic elites who stuffed themselves with Zionist money.
Note that Israel or Zionism comes with the bar code 7 29 (the first three numbers).

There is no limit to Zionist cruelty or expansionism and it is a reality.
It's far, far away, where the girl Rebekah is saved by Ivanhoe and by Sir Templar Bois de Guilbert,  in the novel by Walter Scott. It does not happen anymore. The hatred was frozen, and is dumped on top of innocents in Palestine.
It is hatred and "business"
The ill-treatment imposed on the Palestinian people is matched only in the concentration camps of the Third Reich.
We live in the insane heyday of the Fourth Reich.
Winds of discontent begin to blow in the U.S.. Not even the Americans will put up with so much violence and so much cruelty.

Chavez did well in 2006, realizing the danger of the swastika, turned into the Star of David, when he  expelled from his country the entire Israeli diplomatic corps in Venezuela.
Do not just ask for peace. What peace? There has to be freedom for Palestine. The Palestinian state as decided by the UN.
We have to pass more than 50 UN resolutions that condemn Israel for terrorist practices, such as excessive use of force (euphemism for barbarism), chemical and biological war, torture, rape, killings.
Israel never wanted peace, and when he offered peace, Israel killed their own leader, Itzak Rabin. They attributed the crime to a  Jewish "fanatic." Today you should know that was a MOSSAD agent paving the way for terrorists ahead Ariel Sharon.
The fury of barbaric and terrorist Israel wants land, either for business or interest in their banks. They use the bible as a shield, the bottom is convinced they are superior.
Superior yes, in insanity.

Translated from the Portuguese version by:

Lisa Karpova