Occupied Western Sahara: Morocco expels Western observers

Western Sahara is occupied by the Kingdom of Morocco, which commits the most shocking atrocities against the local Saharawi people, fighting for their independence. The latest outrage was the expulsion of western observers.

On Tuesday, November 6, a total of 14 Europeans (10 Spanish and 4 Norwegians) were  expelled from Western Sahara by the Moroccan occupation authorities. Activists and human rights monitors were threatened, insulted, and held for hours before being finally  expelled from the territory to Morocco. Three of those people were in an observation mission organized by the groups CEAS-Sahara and Sahara Thawra.
Once in the occupied territory, two government delegates along with the police chief showed up at the scene, along with more than forty plainclothes policemen and a van with uniformed police, threatening the Saharawi family where they were staying to hand over a group of three foreigners. Finally Amancay Villalba, Inigo Gutierrez and Adrian Gallero left the house, were placed into a taxi and taken to the city of Agadir, southern Morocco.
Western Sahara has been the scene of a violent crackdown against the protests of the Saharawi population since the arrival last Thursday of UN envoy Christopher Ross, to mark the second anniversary of the dismantling of the camp the next day Izik Gdeim

"Again the Government of Morocco violates fundamental rights such as the promotion and defense of human rights or freedom of movement, protected by various international treaties and agreements and recognized in Article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We understand also that these obstacles serve the purpose of not allowing any witnesses witness the violation of other rights that is occurring in the territory".
"The Spanish government should ask for explanations to the Kingdom of Morocco, calling consultations with the Moroccan ambassador and condemning the expulsion of Spanish citizens. From the solidarity movement, we demand a clear answer to these events and warn the Spanish public opinion of the wave of repression that the Saharawi population may suffer in the forthcoming days".
Coordinator of Associations of Solidarity with the Sahara (CEAS-Sahara)
Sahara Thawra

Source: Sahara Thawra

Timofei Belov



Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey