Attacks confirmed desperation of armed Syrian opposition

Prensa Latina

The perpetration of two bombings in the capital today confirms predictions that the armed opposition in Syria resorts to such actions in the face of an advancing government offensive in several provinces.

At least six civilians and officers of the law were killed and others injured on Friday when a bomb exploded near the mosque, Al-Ruknieh, in the Rukneddin neighborhood, north of Damascus.

This incident was accompanied by the explosion of a car bomb in the Mezzeh neighborhood, in the west, near the Ministry of Information and the new Palace of Justice, which did not cause fatalities, but only to sow fear among the population.

In addition to these actions, 15 people were injured when an armed group fired 81 mm mortar shells, of Israeli manufacture, in the neighborhood Bab Houd, city of Homs, against a populated area.

While in the province and city of Aleppo, 350 kilometers north of the capital, there were continued clashes between armed groups and small Army units that perform cleanup operations by zones.

In this sense, government unity caused numerous casualties on insurgent areas in a part of Al-Maysar, while sappers disabled explosive devices in the market place of Saif al-Dawla.

Some sources have commented on demoralization in the ranks insurgents and cite as an example a large armed group that escaped in the area of ​​Saif Al-Dawla in Aleppo, at the proximity of the Syrian Arab Army forces, screaming and shouting that they were not prepared to die.

Among other actions, the Syrian Arab Army units destroyed three cars with DShK machine guns, next to the mosque Al-Ansari, neighborhood Saif Al-Dawla, in the same city.

Additionally, clashes were reported in Homs, in the municipality of Al-Qusayr, and in the provincial capital, innumerable insurgents were killed while trying to escape from the Bab Al-Hood district.

Attacks were also turned back in Idleb province, 320 kilometers north of the capital, where an adult ended up killed and a 10 year old child was injured when a bomb planted by armed gangs blew up.

In Hama, 209 kilometers from the capital, the Syrian Arab Army sappers defused five explosives of about 25 pounds each, placed by armed terrorist groups in the district of Al-Gharbi Mashtal, district of Al-Nakarneh.

On the other hand, a statement from the Popular Committee in the Palestinian camp of Al Yarmuk, in the Damascus countryside, reported the massacre of over 10 people, caused by insurgent groups firing mortars, which is a negative response to the refugee population and incorporated as part of the actions against Syria.

Translated from the Portuguese version by:

Lisa Karpova


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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey