Madonna plays swastika trick on France

The leader of the French party the "National Front" does not like to be called a fascist. But this is precisely what singer Madonna, who is now facing a lawsuit for libel, alleged she was. The singer specializes in politicization of her performances, not always pleasant for the host country. She "delighted" France with a music video where the leader of the "National Front" Marine Le Pen is shown with a swastika on her forehead. The video was shown to 70 thousand of spectators who gathered at Madonna's concert in the Stade de France.

For the first time Madonna has shown the video of the song "Nobody Knows Me" in Israel, on June 3rd, so the French knew what to expect. "If Madonna does it in France, she has only herself to blame," the leader of the French far-right "National Front" Marine Le Pen reacted. Madonna was not scared. After the concert, Le Pen's lawyer told reporters that projecting the swastika image on Marine Le Pen's face meant that she was actually called Nazi. This falls under the article on libel and slander. He added that a complaint will be filed with the appropriate court within a week.

The French have responded ambiguously. The first, and the right message, stated that Madonna should be doing her PR criticizing President Obama for the killing in Iraq and Afghanistan, and France would deal with its presidents on its own. If residents of Belarus were to see a video of the pop diva of President Alexander Lukashenko in the uniform of the generalissimo, they would have probably reacted the same way. The same is true for the Pope Benedict VXI and Hosni Mubarak who is no longer able to complain to anyone, who are called dictators by the singer and mocked in her video.

Why is Le Pen offended? It would have been much more honest to admit that the "National Front" delivers a racist anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic program, which is known to be the main distinctive feature of a neo-Nazi party.

Six and a half million people who voted for Le Pen in the presidential election in the first round (17 percent of the votes) in the parliamentary elections provided her only two seats. This means that many voted not for the party, but for the person. The popularity of Le Pen is caused by a chaotic immigration policy of previous governments that allowed the emergence of Arab neighborhoods, a hotbed of crime. In fact, the electorate welcomed the politically incorrect Le Pen, her willingness to publicly speak the truth and act outside the box. But what are her methods?

The leader of the "Left Front" Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who finished fourth in the first round of the presidential elections, openly called them fascist. "Why do you want the French people to be the only people who want to see a fascist as head of the state?" These were Mélenchon's comments on the results of the opinion polls, according to which Marine Le Pen was on top in the first round of the presidential elections. For these comments he received a subpoena.

In court the left leader said that "the word "fascist" is not an insult, but a political characteristic." In fact, if your campaign posters are copied from those of Hitler, and you appear at a gathering of neo-Nazis in Vienna on the day of mourning for the victims of Auschwitz, the conclusions suggest themselves.

In addition to the overwhelming racism, Marine Le Pen provokes her voters to "worship the Savior represented by her." At the pre-election rally in Lyons she compared French Muslims with German occupiers saying that those who talk a lot about World War II and the occupation should take another look at the massive dominance of migrants and see the occupation in it. Who will rescue the poor French from the invaders? Of course, Marine Le Pen.

In addition, the "National Front" leader is characterized by distancing herself from any right-wing forces and harshly criticizes the Left: "The French are tired of wandering from side to side, they begin to realize that the Socialists (left) and Gaullists (right), in fact, are no different from each other," Le Pen said in an interview with The New Times. In terms of the economics and politics, the "National Front" rejects liberalism in favor of rigid centralization. It promises to withdraw from the EU, close the border and make a bet on its own forces. All these are the objective characteristics of National Socialism.

It is no accident that the Socialists in power saw nothing wrong in the incident provoked by scandalous Madonna. Marisol Touraine, Minister of Social Affairs and Health of France, stated that she was not offended by the swastika on Marine Le Pen's forehead. She stated that she was not shocked by this image, but added that this was the wrong way to identify policy issues related to the "National Front." She indicated her intent to fight with the ideas of Le Pen that are contrary to the ideas of the Republic.

Madonna does not tend to respect the countries she is touring. She may deserve to be punished for this, but Le Pen has a slim chance of winning in court. Besides the fact that fascism is not an insult, but a "political characteristic," so far no one was able to correlate the swastika with fascism in the European courts. In Lithuania, for example, it was recently acknowledged as "an ancient symbol" of the country.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov