UNO - You represent whom?

UNO - You represent whom?. 45421.jpegThe United Nations Organization is neither United, nor it is an Organization, but rather, a club for trading interests and what community of Nations is it supposed to represent? Did anyone vote for it? Therefore speaking about the UNO and democracy in one and the same breath is ludicrous.

In fact, speaking about "democracy" at all is as absurd as it is hilarious since the only truly democratic system of governance is the Libyan Jamahiriya, thought up and implemented by Muammar al-Qathafi - a system based upon self-regulating communities called People's Councils who decide who their leaders should be, draw up plans for the community members and request funding and equipment for their needs, the role of the central Government being to distribute wealth and serve the interests of the people.

Enter the UNO, talking about "democracy". What "democracy"? Did anyone vote for the United Nations Organization? Then what right do a handful of members sitting in its Security Council have to implement policy which can have a direct affect on our lives? And how "democratic" are the member states supporting the policies it implements - policies which more and more rubber-stamp NATO's colonialist adventures?

Let us take a look at David Cameron's UK, for instance. Here is a man elected by a minority of his population - so why is he representing the nation? Was he elected by Labour voters? Was he elected by Plaid Cymru? Was he elected by the Liberal Democrats? And how many people voted for the Deputy Prime Minister, Nicholas Clegg? So why is he Deputy Prime Minister? Why is Britain's foreign policy in part controlled by NATO? Did anyone vote for NATO? And did anyone in the UK vote for its financial policies to be controlled in part by the European Union?

Did NATO's David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy and Barack Obama listen when the Libyan Jamahiriya government offered to hold free and fair elections? No, they refused. And what will the future hold? Watch this space, as attempts are made to sideline the Jamahiriya and eliminate it from any future election process.

The truth of the matter is most people in Libya are against this NATO-led war, most people in Libya despise the NTC members as the terrorists they are - elements within this scourge are listed on anti-terrorist lists and most people in Libya favour the Jamahiriya government.

So what right has this United Nations Organization to start appointing support groups? Where was the UNO when this terrorist filth started torching buildings and beheading people in the street, ransacking Government and private property and sowing havoc? Where was the UNO to defend Muammar al-Qathafi - the man they were planning to award with a humanitarian prize - from these demonic hordes of racists?

Does the UNO then admit that it supports terrorists and racists? In which case, this organization does not represent my idea of a United Nations Organization, it does not represent the ideals set forth in its own Charter and it does not represent a forum which has the right to claim to defend or uphold international law.

It is crystal clear that this Libya Question is not about democracy or protecting civilians - NATO, after all, commits massacre after massacre and does not even bother to apologise any more. It just shrugs like the callous, cold-blooded, criminal clique of murderers it is.

It is about dismantling the African Union, it is about destroying Africa's institutions and handing them back to former colonial powers, crippling African nations and Africans once more with horrific interest repayments, it is about channelling Africa's resources outwards for free, aided and abetted by the UNO, aided and abetted by the African leaders themselves who look on with their hands in their pockets, aided and abetted by those who recognise and support what can only be called a terrorist organization.

This is not my world, this is not my international community, this is not my UNO - it has failed to represent my wishes, it has failed to represent the wishes in the hearts and minds of the world community and as such it no longer exists as anything worthy of respect - it is a club for trading interests among those who were not elected and therefore have no right to barter the world's resources between them.

It is time for a new world community, it is time for a new approach, it is time for the rule of law to be applied equally to all, it is time to hold the handful of political leaders among the 7-billion-strong world population to be accountable for their actions. It is not their world, it is ours!

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey



Note: The notion that Muammar al-Qathafi should stop fighting is as ludicrous as it is to tell a home owner that he should hand his keys to an intruder who has broken in, raped his wife and killed his children. In that situation you fight back and inflict as much damage as you can... If you are a Man, of course!

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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey