Italian Prime Minister Enjoys Brazilian Art of Lap Dancing at Age 73

The private life of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi still attracts a lot of attention. In the beginning of July, Berlusconi was visiting Brazil, the largest nation in Latin America. He met Brazilian President Lula da Silva to discuss various issues of bilateral cooperation and the struggle against the economic crisis. Berlusconi had a very busy schedule in Brazil, but he found a spare minute for private entertainment anyway.

News agencies said that the 73-year-old politician invited six dancers to his hotel room. A Brazilian website published the interview with a woman named Alexandra Valenca - one of Berlusconi's six strip dancers. The website also posted a picture of the $1,400 receipt, which Berlusconi provided for the frivolous services.

The dancer said that the Italian prime minister enjoyed the show a lot. She said that she was offered to participate in a TV program, which was soon going to be aired on the Italian TV. Valenca said that Berlusconi invited all the six girls to come to Italy.

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Officials from Berlusconi's team said that the dancers performed for the prime minister so that he could become acquainted with the art of traditional Brazilian dancing.

Berlusconi has had dozens of scandals during his long and very successful career. This year was not an exception either. In February, Italian newspapers had a laugh at Berlusconi's choice of the dentist to fix the teeth which he lost as a result of the statuette attack during a meeting in Milan.

The dentist, who implanted the new teeth for the prime minister of Italy, was named the sexiest dentist of the whole nation. Mr. Berlusconi happily became a patient for 29-year-old Nicole Minetti, who received her diploma of a dentist only several months before she started her practice. Reporters discovered that the woman's previous occupation was modeling and dancing.

Tabloids also said that Minetti had taken part in several popular TV shows in which she appeared among other female contestants of doubtful reputation. It is worthy of note that Minetti disappeared from YouTube after she had implanted the new teeth to Mr. Berlusconi.

It has also been reported that Silvio Berlusconi purchased Napoleon's bed. The politician's adversaries immediately said that Mr. Berlusconi was too much preoccupied with his physical pleasures at the time when the economy of the country was suffering from the crisis.

Italy may soon face the trial on Berlusconi's lawsuit against elite prostitute Patricia D'Addario. The politician claims that the woman was a member of the plot to undermine his official reputation. The woman said that she had spent a night with Berlusconi in November 2008, and the billionaire had not paid her anything. Prosecutors claim that the prostitute received $1.5 million in the beginning of 2008. They believe that she had received that amount as advanced payment for her efforts to ruin Berlusconi's reputation. She also stated that Berlusconi supposedly promised her a seat in the parliament in return for the night of love.

Silvio Berlusconi divorced her wife Veronica Lario in May of this year. She originally wanted her ex-husband to pay her 3.5 million EUR a month. Afterwards, the sides agreed that Lario would own a 80-million-euro villa and receive the annual financial support of 3.6 million EUR.

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