Repudiated and Outraged: Another Cowardly and Inhuman Zionist Aggression

Repudiated and Outraged: Another Cowardly and Inhuman Zionist Aggression

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The Brazilian Communist Party (PCB) expresses its outrage and indignation at the cowardly attack committed by agents of the terrorist state of Israel, who acted as real modern pirates against the flotilla carrying medicine and humanitarian supplies to people locked in the Gaza Strip. This is an inhuman and barbaric action against peaceful civilians, unarmed, carried out in international waters, with the use of warships, special forces, helicopters and heavy weapons. More than 15 peace activists were killed and about five dozen were injured.

This scandalous massacre carried out by pirates is part of the Israeli Zionist offensive to silence all progressive forces in the world calling for a just peace in the region and the formation of a Palestinian state, free and sovereign. In addition to a violation of international law, this aggression clearly demonstrates to the world the brutal methods that the Israeli government uses is against not only Palestinians, but all people who oppose their policy of oppression in the region. The impunity of Israel is guaranteed by its alliance with imperialism, especially American.

The Brazilian Communist Party, consistent with its action in defense of freedom of the people, sends its condolences to the families of slain peace activists in this wild action, and, at the same time it expresses its profound admiration for all the peacemakers of the Freedom Frotilla, even risking life itself, who had the courage to expose to the world the atrocities of the Israeli blockade by land, sea and air to the Palestinian people in Gaza.

Faced with such brutality that shames the world, the Brazilian Communist Party adds to the progressive forces that have lent unrestricted solidarity to the Palestinian people and speaks to the Brazilian government in that it immediately breaks all relations with Israel, expels its ambassador in Brazil and take more firm action in the UN against this barbarity committed by Zionist forces.

National Secretariat of the PCB May 31, 2010


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Author`s name Oksana Orlovskaya