Ukraine Short of Cash for Inauguration Ceremony

The Central Election Committee of Ukraine officially announced the winner of the presidential vote in Ukraine on February 15 – Viktor Yanukovych. He received 12.481,266 votes, or 48.95 percent. Yulia Tymoshenko enjoyed the support of 11.593,357 people or 45.47 percent.

Tymoshenko stated that she was intended to appeal against the official protocol of election results in Ukraine. Lady Yu did not listen to anyone who asked her to acknowledge the defeat. She is strongly determined to put obstacles on Yanukovych’s way in the office of the Ukrainian president.

One has to acknowledge that the last stage of the presidential campaign in Ukraine was a very intense one. The two rivals in the presidential race have managed to use their resources entirely. The price of the victory was equally important for both Tymoshenko and Yanukovych.

If Tymoshenko had won, she would have celebrated the triumph of power in Ukraine. In this case she would have become the person in charge of three key positions: the president, the government and the parliament. Yanukovych, the opposition leader, is only half-way to full authority, Aleksei Kovalev wrote for Pravda.Ru.

The inauguration of the Ukrainian president does not stipulate the automatic resignation of the sitting government in the country. It is a coalition of deputy factions that nominates the prime minister and government members. Tymoshenko may decide to step down herself, which does not seem to be likely at all. Even if her government eventually resigns, her cabinet of ministers will stay in charge before the new cabinet is formed.

In the meantime, Ukraine’s outgoing president Viktor Yushchenko did not miss a chance to criticize Russia during his farewell news conference in Kiev.

“Tymoshenko’s and Yanukovych’s participation in the runoff election is the best Russian project since 1991,” he said.

He stated that Russia refused to cooperate with him in the investigation of the case of his poisoning in 2004. He praised Ukrainian laws-enforcement agencies and said that their work was brilliant in the investigation.

Yushchenko also said that he was not going to accept credentials from the Russian ambassador. “It’s new president’s business,” he said.

Viktor Yushchenko is not going to attend the inauguration of Viktor Yanukovych either.

Yanukovych stated after Yushchenko’s farewell news conference that his presidency would not weaken Ukraine.

“You are wasting your time if you are waiting for this. I am certain that I will have enough determination to protect Ukraine’s national interests in the relations with all partners and neighbors of Ukraine,” he said.

“My every step will be made to strengthen Ukraine’s independence, to develop a strong state with a high living standard. This is my goal, the main goal of my whole life,” he said.

Ukraine ’s Parliament, the Supreme Rada, set the date for Viktor Yanukovych’s inauguration on February 25, Itar-Tass reports. However, Ukraine is short of money for the ceremony, Delo newspaper wrote. The budget for 2010 has not been approved – the nation lives on the budget of 2009, which stipulates only ten million hryvnas (the Ukrainian currency) on official ceremonies with the participation of the president. The spending on the inauguration ceremony may make up 50 percent of the amount planned for the whole year.

The ceremony must take place not later than 30 days after the official announcement of the election results – before March 14 that is. Spokespeople for the Central Election Committee of Ukraine said that the ceremony could be delayed because of Yulia Tymoshenko’s intentions to go to court.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov