Hillary Clinton's Team Enjoy Russian Beer and Night Clubs

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Moscow to conduct negotiations connected with signing of the new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, missile defense issues and actual international security issues.

It was also said that the US delegations would make several important statements related to Washington’s preparedness to refuse from its criticism of Moscow’s policies in the field of human rights.

Russia wants the USA to acknowledge the connection between the offensive and defensive strategic weapons in the text of the new START Treaty. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov believes that Obama’s recent decision to shelve the missile defense system plans will give the sides an opportunity to find a way to take account of the connection.

In the meantime, while Mrs. Clinton is busy with official meetings, the rest of the US delegation spent the whole night in a night club enjoying themselves and celebrating their visit to Russia.

Hillary Clinton’s team celebrated their visit to Moscow with good quantities of Russian beer. As soon as spokespeople for the American delegation were accommodated in Marriot Grand Hotel, they went out to look around.

Mrs. Clinton herself stopped at Ritz Carlton Hotel right opposite the Kremlin and Red Square.

US delegates left suitcases in their rooms of Marriot Hotel, changed for casual wear and went downstairs to see each other in the hall. The delegates decided to go out and find something more Russian and less expensive. The walk did not last long – the officials bought many bottles of Russian beer in a kiosk round the corner.

They returned to the hotel and spent several hours chatting and drinking beer. When all the bottles were emptied, the company decided to continue celebrating in a night club. They flagged down several cars and went to the nearest club.

Young American officials were doing their best to produce an impression on women in the club. They used the knowledge of foreign languages to communicate with pretty Russian women. However, they were unwilling to talk about the purpose of their visit to the Russian capital.

The officials wrapped up their Russian night early in the morning: they were not sleepy at all because of time difference. Their work schedule is based on the Moscow time zone, which is eight hours ahead of Washington’s time. The officials did not look very well early in the morning when they had to work.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov