USA, Ukraine and Israel Responsible for Genocide of South Ossetian People

South Ossetian President Eduard Kokoity gave an interview to Russia Today TV Channel, in which he stated that the United States, Ukraine and Israel were responsible for the genocide of the Ossetian nation, because these countries continued to arm Georgia. He also said that several Western news agencies were deliberately waging an informational war against the republic.

“Georgia’s military potential today is stronger and higher than it was before August of 2008. They arm Georgia actively; military drills take place there regularly. Georgia has become one of the most militarized countries in the world,” Kokoity stated.

Ambassadors from the United States, Britain, Italy and Germany have been invited to South Ossetia repeatedly to be informed about the nation’s concerns in connection with the militarization of Georgia. US officials stated during those visits that the arms, which Georgia was receiving within the scope of the Teach and Equip Program, would not be used against South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

Official spokespeople for the EU and the OSCE, who, as Kokoity said, left Tskhinvali (S.Ossetian capital) several hours before Georgia’s aggression, did not listen to S.Ossetia’s concerns and Russia’s recommendations.

“The USA, Ukraine and Israel are responsible for the genocide of the South Ossetian people. They will bear the responsibility in the future too if they continue to arm Georgia, if they do not refuse from the strategy, which they intend to implement,” Eduard Kokoity said.

Speaking about the news coverage of the war, Kokoity said that the republic suffered from the informational aggression. Many Western journalists made their reports look like as if it was Russia’s aggression against Georgia.

“They had two goals: to film the blitzkrieg, if they could, if not – then they were supposed to blame those who defeat Georgia. Everything was calculated there. The United States originally intended to make South Ossetia and Russia look like the aggressors,” the S.Ossetian president said.

However, the president believes, the truth about the war has been unveiled.

“We find many supporters today, who believe that it was Georgia that organized aggression. Many non-governmental organizations in Europe and the United States acknowledge today, without our pressure, that Russia was right when it defended the small republic of South Ossetia and rescued its people from extermination,” Kokoity said in the interview with Russia Today.

As for the international recognition of Abkhazia’s and South Ossetia’s independence, Eduard Kokoity stated that many leading parties in the European Union were in close contact with the governments of the two republics regarding the issue.

It is only Russia and Nicaragua that recognized Abkhazia and South Ossetia as independent nations. Belarus intended to do it too, but it only complicated the country’s relations with Russia.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov