Fear of nuclear proliferation makes USA smile to Russia more

The fate of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty is about to be solved. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov held a meeting in Washington May 7, which allowed Russia and the USA find a common language on the problem.

Russia and the USA have reached consent on several principal questions of foreign politics. The above-mentioned meeting was held to conduct a dialogue on fundamental issues prior to Barack Obama’s visit to Russia in July. The White House pins great hopes of the visit. The US administration hopes to at least prolong the START-1 Treaty or ratify the new document, START-2.

Washington is deeply concerned about the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the world. The US administration is interested in cooperating with Russia at this point to protect its nuclear objects and fissile materials.

Lavrov and Clinton agreed on taking new measures to minimize the proliferation of nuclear arms all over the globe.

As far as the issue of the Iranian nuclear program is concerned, Hillary Clinton complained of Russia’s ‘inadequate’ stance on this problem. The US administration believes that Russia contributes to the development of the Iranian peaceful nuclear program and therefore arms the Islamic Republic.

Mr. Lavrov responded with saying that Russia was doing everything to solve the problem of the Iranian nuclear program. He said that Russia put forward a suggestion at the UN Security Council to introduce sanctions against Iran in the event the country did not meet the requirements of the international community. The weapons, which Russia delivers to Iran are purely defensive, which gives no reasons for concerns, Lavrov said.

“Everything that we sell to Iran or other countries does not fall under the action of any international or national embargoes. Russia’s all actions in the field of the defense cooperation with Iran are absolutely legal,” Lavrov said.

Mr. Lavrov set out regrets about the inadequate position of the West after Western countries attempted to introduce sanctions against Iran single-handedly, without coordinating anything with the UN.

Sergey Lavrov also had a meeting with US President Barack Obama yesterday, May 7. The US leader said that Russia and the USA had a remarkable opportunity to reset their relations in many directions.

"We have an excellent opportunity to reset the relationship between the United States and Russia on a whole host of issues," Obama told reporters after the meeting Thursday. Those issues, he said, include nuclear proliferation, the situations in Afghanistan and Pakistan, conflicts in Iraq and the Middle East, and the worldwide economy.

Sergey Balmasov

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov