Chinese Students Desperate and Destitute in US

More than 140 Chinese students, who had hoped to become pilots, are trapped in a Palm Coast, Florida apartment complex without income, electricity, food or transportation. They have fallen victims of a flight school that shut down and filed bankruptcy. The school location is Palm Coast, Florida.

The students were sponsored by Chinese airlines to learn to become pilots at the school. The CAPT Program (Commercial Airline Pilot Training Program) was paid several thousands of dollars per student to provide them training, housing and a food allowance.

Having been left sauve qui peut, the apartment rent is due and there is no money for food. The students have been in the US for over a year. Their visa status prevents them from getting jobs. Their school manual stipulates that they cannot use local transportation as well.

Appeals to the school’s director have gone unanswered. Their only resource has been to go to the media to see if anyone will come forward to assist them. This should be considered a warning to anyone thinking of paying money to go to the US for study. Never pay everything up front.

Meanwhile, the program website still advertises for students. It would seem logical that the program attempt to relocate the students elsewhere, along with all the promised benefits, in light of their school closing. However, the fate of the students remains "up in the air."



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey