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Arabs stand up against supremacy of the West

Sudanese leader Omar al-Bashir arrived in Qatar to attend the Arab summit. He was not arrested there contrary to the expectations of the European Union and the United States. Moreover, he was made one of the central figures of the summit.

The conference of the League of Arab States began in the capital of Qatar, Doha, on March 30. The organizers of the meeting did not conceal the fact that they were going to set out their protest against the decision of the International Tribunal in The Hague to arrest the Sudanese president. The parties also discussed the situation in Afghanistan, Somali, Palestine and Iran.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad opened the meeting. It is an open secret that the US administration views Syria as a country that supports terrorism, not to mention the fact that Syria is one of the major allies of Iran today.

In his opening speech, Assad urged the Arab nations to show unity, which they did not have in the solution of international problems. Assad also said that the Arab countries should take efforts to create a new world order which would guarantee justice to everyone. In other words, the Syrian president stood up against the supremacy of the West.

He offered to condemn the international arrest warrant issued against the President of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir. Assad linked the warrant with Israel’s intrigues and said that peace between Arab states and Israel could be possible only if Israel desired so. The Arab states, he continued, offered Israel a peaceful regulation of the conflict in 2002. Israel killed the initiative, the Syrian president stated.

The International Tribunal in The Hague accused the Sudanese leader of war crimes and crimes against humanity in the beginning of March of this year. Official spokespeople for the Qatari government said that the country had not signed the agreement about the establishment of the tribunal, which means that Qatar was not obliged to execute the tribunal’s decisions. The Qatari foreign minister guaranteed that the Sudanese president would not be delivered to anyone.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon also attended the meeting. His presence virtually acknowledged the incompetence of the Western justice. However, the president of the most populated Arab state – Egypt – was absent at the summit. He sent his spokespeople instead. Hosni Mubarak probably prefers not to irritate the West since Western countries help Egypt financially.

The West accuses the Sudanese authorities of the genocide of the black population in the west of the country, in Darfur. Over 300,000 people were killed and millions became refugees during five years of the conflict in the province. The West believes that those, who wish to preserve the national unity, are guilty of what is happening in the impoverish nation.

It goes without saying that al-Bashir is guilty of the humanitarian disaster in Darfur to a certain extent. Arab Muslims exterminate the black Christian population, whereas the government of Sudan approves and supports such actions. However, it would be unfair to blame only the Sudanese president. Separatists in the west of Sudan became active only after the discovery of enormous oil deposits in Darfur . Special services of the West support the rebels. They try to split the nation in accordance with the scenario that they used in Southern Sudan during the 1990s. Black gold was found there too.

The Arab League is ready to accept the resolution of Saudi Arabia, in which the most influential state of the Arab world offered to develop the joint Arab strategy to resist political and economic threats and stand up against the interference into internal affairs. To put it in a nutshell, even the key supporter of the US influence in the Arab world dislikes the excessive interference of the West into internal affairs of Arab countries.

Therefore, the Arab summit can thus be estimated as a public action of protest against the dictatorship of the West. The arrival of the Sudanese president in Qatar testifies to the ability of the Arab countries to unite against the West. They seem to be prepared to overcome political, economic and other differences for that.

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