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Hillary Clinton to bring four years of war as Secretary of State

Hillary Clinton as the US Secretary of State will not change anything. The color of the skin does not change the essence of aggressive politics. She definitely enjoys great respect in the United States as a woman who returned to big politics after the infamous scandal with her husband. Unlike Condoleezza Rice, Clinton has a more subtle perception of the moment. She realizes that life is not based on the American dream but follows a completely different motto: “We either swim or drown.”

The USA and its new administration will have to resume cooperation with Russia in terms of nuclear security cooperation and the reduction of nuclear arms within the scope of the US-Russian START-1 Treaty. The statement was voiced by John Kerry, the chairman of the Senate Committee for Foreign Relations.

It could be a good start, although it is not known what is going to follow afterwards, for the USA has already had an experience of storing their nukes up instead of destroying them.

Hillary Clinton said that Barack Obama would like to have a constructive dialogue with Moscow, although he did not intend to sacrifice American interests for that. Anyone knows that such statements may lead to bombings, and apparently, Mrs. Clinton does not mind them to strengthen USA’s positions in the world.

She believes that the new US foreign politics must be smart. “America cannot solve the most pressing problems on our own, and the world cannot solve them without America,” Mrs. Clinton said. “I believe American leadership has been wanting, but is still wanted.”

There is an impression that Clinton is either being sarcastic or she distorts the whole history of the United States. America has never had smart foreign policies. America was always solving its problems through wars.

As for the conflict in Gaza, Mrs. Clinton said that Israel had a right to defend itself. She said that she was sorry about the victims among the Palestinian population. Let’s disregard this slyness. “It’s not about me, it’s about life,” a gentleman of the road would say. Mrs. Clinton’s statements about the USA ’s efforts to establish peace in the Middle East are only meant to cover Israel in its enslavement of the Arab population.

Hillary Clinton will have four years ahead of her in the White House and it seems to be quite scary. She said that Washington was ready to consider new methods of work in its relations with Iran.

“We will pursue a new, perhaps different approach. What we have tried has not worked,” she said. “We must build a world with more partners and fewer adversaries. The President-Elect has made it clear that in the Obama Administration there will be no doubt about the leading role of diplomacy. One need only look to North Korea, Iran, the Middle East, and the Balkans to appreciate the absolute necessity of tough-minded, intelligent diplomacy – and the failures that result when that kind of diplomatic effort is absent. And one need only consider the assortment of problems we must tackle in 2009 – from fighting terrorism to climate change to global financial crises – to understand the importance of cooperative engagement,” she said.

Hillary Clinton’s statements obviously mean that there will be more wars. One may conclude that we will have to experience four years of cruelty, and the countdown begins now.

Vladimir Anokhin

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