Author`s name Mark S. McGrew

Obama: Deceiver, Cheat, Swindler, Liar, Fraudster, Con Artist

By Mark S. McGrew

We know that Obama is a liar about so many things.

The question of whether or not he is in fact, a Natural Born Citizen and eligible to be President of The United States of America, has no importance anymore. The question of eligibility has evolved far beyond that simple question, with such a simple solution, that Obama refuses to provide. The government of Kenya has put a Gag Order on his family not to talk to reporters.

What we don’t know, what there is absolutely no proof of, is his place of birth, his true father or his mother. Without a verifiable Birth Certificate, none of this, including his actual date of birth can be proven or believed.

He shows no loyalty to America and in fact publicly displays his contempt for America . On, you can type in the search bar: “Obama refuses to salute flag” and see a video of him refusing to pledge allegiance to the flag and acting as if he is making a point that he has no respect for the American flag.

Michelle Obama is just as arrogant and insulting as the man she calls her husband and has not been a lawyer since 1993 when she was put on inactive status by court order. The State of Illinois says so on their website. Click here then on the top right click on “Lawyer Search” and then type in “Obama” and you’ll find her.

In Hawaii , you can read here: United States Marines and Navy servicemen have no respect for Obama. In an ABC News story, Sunlen Miller says, “ The diners were polite, staying seated at their respective tables and waited for the president-elect to come to them to stand up”.

The photo in the article shows that there is nobody standing up to shake hands with him and some have their backs turned to Obama. If those people, trying to enjoy their meal in peace, had thrown their food in that stinking bum’s face with disgust, ABC News could have reported it as, “The soldiers were so overjoyed to catch a glimpse of their Commander In Chief Elect, that like true Marines, they all chipped in to share their Holiday meal with him.”

Obama’s website is a fraud, administered by a fund raising company Blue State Digital, an Internet fund-raising company that presided over the Obama campaign site . The “dot gov” is designated and assigned by the United States General Services Administration to be used only for genuine government activities. It is not for political campaigning or non-profit organizations which is exactly and soley what is for. The only reason Obama has the dot gov designation is by harassing the GSA and thereby obtaining the dot gov designation illegally against Federal Law.

With Obama’s total disrespect for America and laws in general, it is highly suspect as to why he is not already in jail for the rest of his life. Even stupid crimes, he has no conscience about. He, just last year, paid off 17 outstanding parking tickets from when he was in Cambridge, supposedly going to school at Harvard.

Some of the stories about Obama defy belief. And there are plenty of unfounded rumors about him.

I hear so many "Internet rumors" and see so many News sites, web sites and blogs that it makes it very difficult to know what is true and what isn't. That is why I try to limit what I write to things that can be verified fairly easily. Some of the emails and phone calls and personal visits I get force me to not believe anything unless I can prove it. Some "hot tips" are things I've known for years and some seem to be someone's idea of writing a fantasy spy novel.

Besides an atmosphere of arrogance and hostility surrounding his supporters, an unexplainable, incredible amount of controversy permeates every thing about him.

Rumors turn more and more bizarre every day.

Then there is the knowledgeable, open source or occasionally “gray” source, of intel tidbits that hit my desk, from so far, reliable sources that defy reality.

For instance, I was told the other day that it was not really necessary for me to publicize events about Obama because a complete dossier with statements, photos, tape recordings and video recordings of Obama's secret backers has been compiled with the help of over 200 high profile international lawyers, military men, politicians and businesspeople and has been distributed to the intel agencies of some 38 different countries, s ome of which had contributed to the compilation effort.

These "secret backers" of Obama have been under intense investigation for over two decades without any initial focus on Obama and a major world wide sweep is going to happen as soon as Obama makes the wrong move.

The backers consider Obama “their puppet” but a major world wide sweep is scheduled to happen as soon as Obama makes a clear wrong move against the national interests of those who have put this compilation together.

I'm sure he is going to make that "wrong move" as soon as Martians land at the White House. Maybe, though, as I am urged, since it's all under control now, I should take a vacation.

These are the kinds of dead ends that any investigator has to decipher.

But sticking to the facts, what we actually do know, what is documented and verifiable, is enough to convince the American public and World leaders that a major mistake has been made in voting for Obama.

158 of Obama’s lies are documented, on record.

But who is to show that record to the voting public and World leades who will be affected by Obama’s deceit?

If the American media would unite as strongly to divulge the truth, as they have to bury it, every person in America would vomit where they sit, in realizing what they have been conned into voting for.

There is still, after six weeks, not one shred of proof that his grandmother died the day before the election or two days before the election, whichever date given by Obama that you choose to believe. No death certificate has been produced. No authority has confirmed the date of death. We have only Obama’s campaign photo-ops of him wiping away a tear.

The recent photo-op of him dropping what he says are the ashes of Madelyn Payne Lee Dunham into the sea is phony. Human ashes are not snow white. Human bones do not burn and are not turned to ash when cremated. The bones are ground up to the consistency of sand and small pebbles. The color is a gray/tan, like weathered pine wood. The container he is pouring from is half the size necessary for human remains. The container he is pouring from is about the size of a container for a medium sized dog’s ashes. Obama is pouring flour or sugar, not human ashes.

What Obama and Rahm Emanuel have told us they are going to institute for American citizens - mandatory community service and to transport people by bus or train to work sites, is defined as nothing less than, Crimes Against Humanity, according to the International Criminal Court.(Scroll down to International Criminal Court, see c. and d.)

Regardless of the rumors, the non-existent birth certificate and his purported crimes, just reading 1/10 of 158 of Obama’s lies would be enough to convince any reasonable person that this man is not someone that you would buy a used car from or let cook your food. Reading one half of these documented lies will make an honest person sick to his stomache.

Obama, his wife and his backers have no morals, no integrity and no respect for anything except what they want at the time. They have no more conscience than a hungry lizard in the desert coming upon a beetle in the sand.

Any non-active military service members who have seen enough, sign this Military Consent Form and get on board like the Marines in Hawaii.

Many people have speculated that Obama may be a “Manchurian Candidate” a planted enemy, masquerading as an American, for the purpose of taking over the United States . Speculations have pointed to the Middle East and terrorist organizations. That does seem to be a possibility as there are so many anti-American statements and activities by Obama and his supporters. It may sound like more fantasy spy novel dreams.

But if the speculation can be considered, in some degree of seriousness, the question to be asked first is: Who, what organization, has had the time and the resources, to move throughout our political system, convincing Congressmen, Senators, both Federal and State, 50 Governors, Attorney Generals, Secretaries of State, hundreds of State legislators, thousands of local, county, State and Federal political party hacks, FBI, CIA and various State and Federal agencies, Federal Courts, even the US Supreme Court……..who has that ability to keep all these people silent? Who has the ability to force the entire Republican Party, Nationwide, Statewide and even local politicians into stone cold silence without a peep being uttered against Obama? Would it not make sense for the Republican Party to expose him, or at least pose questions?

It is absolutely preposterous to believe that this has all been planned for 40 years and perpetrated by some outside group of super secret elites. It makes more sense to consider that all the mysteries and lies about Obama have only one single purpose which is to throw us off the trail, divide us in our investigative efforts. The countless lies and unavailable documentation sends us up one blind alley after another, only to find another lie to chase to nowhere. Eliminate the enormous complexities and concentrate on the simplest of clues, the most obvious suspects that our mind does not want us to see, and we may just discover that in reality, the culprits are hiding in plain sight, right under our noses.

With that in mind, I can think of only two organizations that have proven that they can hide, and have hidden, their actions against us in plain sight. Only two organizations can organize and corrupt the thousands of players involved in this “Master of the Game” endeavor. And rather than risk their wrath by exposing them in writing, I will only say that the name of one organization starts with the letter “D” and rhymes with Emocrat and the other starts with “R” and rhymes with Epublican.

Mark S. McGrew