Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Israel does not suffer from international isolation

Israel is cleansing Gaza of terrorists. The Jewish State has launched the ground operation after a series of air strikes. It has become obvious by now that Israel intends to bring the operation to a close despite numerous international protests. The prime goal of the operation is to overturn the Hamas movement. In the meantime, the cleansing of the terrorist stronghold is good for everyone.

Israel is determined to finally destroy the terrorist cradle in the Gaza Strip and to overturn the power of Hamas, which originally intended to wipe the State of Israel off the map.

It goes without saying that it will take quite a time for the operation to end. Numerous protests from the international community and the followers of Arab terrorists do not stop Israel. Even the legendary Israeli tolerance has its limits. One may wonder how much tolerance the United States would have if the country were attacked from Mexico, for example. It would not last for an hour, of course.

The Israeli tolerance was lasting for seven years. It has been 18 months since the time when Hamas toppled Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and came to power in the Gaza Strip. Hamas Islamites have considerably improved their previous positions in the struggle against the “Zionist aggressor” since that time.

The missile attacks of the Israeli territory began in 2001. Hamas was gradually increasing the number of its attacks against Israel, and the cup has been finally filled. Terrorists do not know what peace is. They only understand the language of bullets.

The terrorist enclave has been split into five resistance centers since the beginning of the ground operation in the Gaza Strip. Gaza City, the stronghold of Islamism and terrorism, with its Qassam-making factories and terrorist training camps, is the major one of them.

The Gaza Strip continues its missile fire against Israel, but the shells mostly fall down in the desert causing no damage to Israel. The Israeli Army has blocked Gaza with the help of Egypt not to let terrorist leaders either escape or receive reinforcement from the outside.

Foreign journalists and human rights activists were not allowed to enter the combat area, although Hamas originally planned to use them in the informational war against Israel. Israel wins the war in all directions so far. The terrorists have failed to make an aggressor of Israel too.

Israel uses high precision weapons to destroy terrorist bunkers. Islamists often guise their armament depots to children’s schools, mosques and even kindergartens. Even if such bunkers are destroyed, Palestine makes it look like the extermination of innocent people.

It is worthy of note that Iran does not hurry to unleash a war against Israel in spite of the fact that the Iranian leader is known for his open anti-Israeli remarks. The Arab unity has vanished. There were numerous protests against the actions of the Israeli administration in Gaza, but they all ended. Neither the United States nor the European Union condemn Israel. French President Nicolas Sarkozy virtually supports the Israeli ground operation for he said that the operation was a result of Hamas’s actions. Israel does not suffer from the international isolation at all.

Sergei Balmasov