Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Black size 10 shoes of Iraqi journalist already cost ten million dollars

The incident with the shoes thrown at US President George W. Bush during his press conference with Iraqi Prime Minister in Baghdad continues to develop. The shoes of the 29-year-old correspondent of the Iraqi Al-Baghdadia TV channel, Muntadhar al-Zeidi, now cost a fortune.

It was first said that the technical director of the Iraqi football team Adnan Hamad offered $100,000 for the shoes. Hamad said that the journalist’s action expressed an attitude of all Iraqi people to George W. Bush – the man, who ruined Iraq and abused its people.

Another Iraqi businessman said that he would be ready to pay any price for the notorious shoes. To crown it all, Saudi media reported Monday that a 60-year-old Saudi entrepreneur offered $10 million for only one shoe of the pair that had flown in Bush’s direction.

In the meantime, the fate of the black size 10 shoes currently remains unknown. Iraqi security service agents might have most likely confiscated the shoes. It is not ruled out that employees of the Bush’s administration might have taken them along as souvenirs from Iraq. However, if the shoe incident comes to trial and al-Zeidi is found not guilty, the journalist will have a right to claim his famous shoes back.

Muntadhar al-Zeidi currently remains under arrest. The police are trying to find out if the journalist was staying under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the notorious press conference.

Al-Zeidi’s deed was widely supported in the Muslim (and not only Muslim) world. The journalist’s brother, Dirham, said that Muntadhar had expressed the wish of millions of Iraqi citizens to insult the US tyrant. The young man added that his brother had thrown his shoes at the US president being moved with the sufferings of the Iraqi people which he was filming on camera almost every day. The majority of Muntadhar’s reports were devoted to Iraqi widows, orphans and children.

Dirham al-Zeidi said that he was very proud of his brother, although he was shocked to see his brother throwing his shoes at Bush. Dirham added that his brother had nothing against the American people.

The daughter of the Libyan leader Moammar Kadafi announced that she was awarding the Libyan Bravery Medal to al-Zeidi. Over 200 lawyers have set out their readiness to defend the brave Iraqi journalist at court.

The administration of Al-Baghdadia TV channel addressed Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki with a request to release Muntadhar al-Zeidi “in accordance with the norms of democracy and freedom of speech, which the US authorities promised to the people of Iraq.”

It goes without saying that the goal of Bush’s visit to Iraq has been entirely lost behind the shoe scandal. No one wants to know what Bush arrived in Baghdad for. Everyone wants to know what happened to those shoes.