Proxy war between India and Pakistan will benefit 'divide and conquer' agenda of the USA and Israel

The USA has been the chief supporter of Pakistan for the past several decades. During the Russian occupation of Afghanistan, the USA funneled vast amounts of war materiel to Afghanistan through Pakistan, and much of that war material was diverted, with US permission, to Pakistani Terrorism against India. The USA actually created Al Qaeda, and Osama bin Laden worked as a CIA asset in Afghanistan and also in Kosovo.

During the past several decades the US government and the CIA have not only turned a blind eye to the Pakistani government's support of Terrorist training and Terrorist attacks against India, but the ongoing financial, training, and logistical support which the USA has provided for Pakistan shows that the USA has been a willing co-conspirator with the Pakistani government's efforts to attack and destabilize India.

Saddam Hussein was hired at the age of nineteen to work as an assassin for the CIA, and after Saddam's bungled assassination attempt against the Iraqi President, Saddam retreated to Cairo, where he was a frequent visitor to the US Embassy, and Saddam remained on the CIA payroll. During the Iran/Iraq War, in which more than a million people died, the USA openly supported Iraq and secretly supported Iran with arms sales as part of the CIA's illegal Iran/Contra operation. 'Divide and Conquer' is the game that the USA played during the Iran/Iraq War, and today the USA continues to play 'Divide and Conquer' with Iraq and Iran.

Now, after supporting Pakistan for decades, during which time the USA not only ignored, but also aided and abetted the Pakistani State Terrorism against India, the USA is making a public show of turning against Pakistan. The USA's recent saber rattling against Pakistan is not a result of the US government suddenly becoming 'wise to' or 'fed up with' Pakistani Terrorism. It is part of the USA's long range program of 'Divide and Conquer' against Pakistan and India. The USA and Israel intend to encourage or provoke India into a 'proxy war' against Pakistan.

Both Pakistan and India will suffer greatly from the coming 'proxy war' now being promoted by the USA and Israel, but no matter how much Pakistan and India suffer, the real winners of an all-out Indo- Pakistani War will be the USA and Israel, because the USA and Israel will profit from selling arms, materiel, and logistical support to both sides in the conflict, and the devastation of both Pakistan and India will benefit the geopolitical goals of the USA and Israel.

A likely victory by India over Pakistan in the coming 'proxy war' that is being encouraged and provoked by the USA and Israel will benefit the USA and Israel, because it will strengthen the economic and political bonds between India, the USA, and Israel. India will become a greater market for US and Israeli products, and India will become a more committed partner in the USA and Israel's geopolitical activities and goals.

The global police state which the US, the UK, and Israel want to create and rule as the 'world's policemen' is already taking hold in India, as the USA and Israel incite hostilities between Pakistan and India. The USA makes a public show of encouraging diplomacy between Pakistan and India, but behind the scenes the actions of the USA and Israel are manipulative and unscrupulous. Indian cooperation with the USA and Israel will inevitably lead to India becoming a puppet of the USA and Israel, and a willing participant on the USA and Israel's global police state agenda.

Gregory F. Fegel

Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov