America the proud but not too proud to take Venezuelan handout

As winter once more grips the United States and heating oil still hovers in the $10 per gallon range, many families throughout the northern portions of America are set to suffer another cold and income breaking winter. However it could be much worse.

Citgo, the national oil company of Venezuela, will once again run its donation program for America's poor. Be they villages in Alaska or small towns in Vermont, Citgo has for several of the Bush Regime years donated millions of gallons of heating oil to America's poor.

Venezuela? You mean the lair of the evil Chavez? The man that DC loves to hate? Well one of a large cadre of men the powers of DC and NYC love to hate, all true. However, as much as the US may hate him, as much as the US may condemn him, as much as US pride stands like a wall around the country, it is not stupid enough to not take a hand out. Oh and never mind that for the most part the American One Party Two Branch system of politics has proven much further left of Chavez and more than happy to nationalize so much of the economy that Lenin's withered and preserved mummy is cracking its skin, smiling.

While senators and governors all love to flaunt their "patriotism" and hatred of Chavez, they know better than to pass on this handout. Cold angry and broke constituents will remember who kept them cold and hungry when elections come (at best) or may not wait that long to take matters into their hands (at worst).

So once more, while the rhetoric spills from the lips of warm, well fed American politicos, Venezuelan tankers and trucks will continue to keep their constituents warm.

Hypocrisy or business as usual?

Stanislav Mishin

The article has been reprinted with the kind permission from Stanislav Mishin and originally appears on his blog Mat Rodina

Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov