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Condoleezza Rice decides to destroy Europe

The outgoing US administration still tries to have Georgia and Ukraine involved in NATO in spite of the fact that the two countries are not prepared for the endeavor. The USA persistently tries to lay the blame for the war in Afghanistan on someone else. The US Secretary of State visited Europe to speak about the above-mentioned controversial issues and sow discord within the European Union.

When this lady appears somewhere, one does not have to expect anything positive to happen. Ms. Rice has an amazing gift to find a bone of contention anywhere. Time and space do not matter. Rice’s current goal is to split Europe, make European countries wage war in Afghanistan for the American heroine and aggravate Europe’s relations with Russia to the maximum.

Rice plans to use Georgia and Ukraine to accomplish her goals. The final political accords of the Bush administration can be unpredictable.

Less than two months are left before the change of the presidential administration in Washington. The problems, which Condoleezza Rice intends to discuss, will most likely remain unsolved and will be handed over to the next top diplomat of the White House.

Rice had a meeting with her British counterpart David Miliband in London and flew to Brussels Tuesday where she is slated to participate in the two-day annual session of NATO foreign ministers. From Brussels, Ms. Rice will set off for Rome to conducts negotiations with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Condoleezza Rice will finish her European tour in Finland, where she will participate in the meeting of OSCE foreign ministers Thursday.

Making a speech at a recent press conference in the State Department, Ms. Rice stressed out the importance of the ministerial meeting in Brussels and highlighted two aspects that would be put on its agenda – Afghanistan and the NATO membership of Georgia and Ukraine. The USA insists Europe should enlarge its contingents in Afghanistan. Moreover, the US administration wants Europe to concentrate its military activity in the dangerous areas of the country, where US and British troops currently carry the main burden of the war.

If Europe does not cooperate with Washington at this point, it will become one of the first apples of discord between the Old World and the new US president, who will ask the same from Europe.

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates claims that there is a serious lack of troops in Afghanistan. He particularly said that one should provide larger quantities of military men for such a large region as Afghanistan.

British coroners said that there was a serious shortage of the combat vehicle arsenal in Afghanistan, as well as a shortage of helicopters and communication means. The coroners concluded that the British defense officials should be greatly ashamed for the death of 125 British servicemen in the war-torn country since 2006.

Canada lost 97 military men of its 2,500-strong contingent deployed in Kandahar. Many of those soldiers were killed with self-made bombs because of the lack of helicopters. Canada was forced to rent six Russian-made choppers to fill the deathly gap.

In the meantime, Taliban leaders announce considerable achievements in the struggle against foreign troops. Mullah Hassan Rahmani, a close adviser to Taliban leader Mullah Omar, said that Talib fighters could conduct their activities in any part of Afghanistan at nighttime. “All locations in Afghanistan remain under the siege of the Taliban movement. The coalition troops suffer immense losses. I do not understand why some countries send their sons to other countries and have them killed there for something that is none of their business,” he said.

Rice does not give up. She intends to discuss the strategy of the victorious war in Afghanistan. It is worthy of note that President Bush ordered to revise the US strategy in Afghanistan in September against the background of the rebellious movement and the intense atmosphere in Pakistan. As far as the NATO membership of Georgia and Ukraine is concerned, there is nothing definitive about the issue. The USA unexpectedly launched a diplomatic initiative in Europe and urged its NATO allies to offer the membership to the two countries bypassing time-taking procedures.

In other words, Washington urges NATO to accelerate the incorporation of the two former Soviet countries. Rice said that Georgia and Ukraine were not ready for the membership. Rice added that she would not demand NATO providing the two countries with the so-called Action Plan. Some politicians thought that the United States had agreed to put the issue into cold storage. However, the US simply wanted to let Georgia and Ukraine become NATO members without the Action Plan, like it happened with Poland and the Czech Republic.

Vladimir Anokhin

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