Sixteen reasons why Russia should NEVER trust the West

1. The West raped Russia

Starting with pressure on the Yeltsin regime and with hand picked oligarchs and bureaucrats as intermediaries, it has been estimated that the West has ripped as much as $500 Billion (that's with a capital "B") from Russia, in the form of resources, money, equipment and treasures, from 1991 to 1999. Everything of value, nailed down or not, was taken. Whole cities would wake up and find that the various manufacturing plants that supported their economies were now empty of all equipment, which had been cartooned off bitterly in the night.

For an entire month, Vladivostok, the biggest Pacific port, a city the size of San Francisco, found itself without electricity, as the key bureaucrats had been able to grab all the oil from former government oil companies, freshly privatized with no regulation, and send it overseas to Japan and other countries. This of course left the local electric plants and refineries empty.

The US and the World Bank and IMF loved giving Yeltsin and his bunch "loans", which often ran into the multi billions and were of course funded by their own taxpayers who were equally raped. After taking their share off of the loans, the 90% plus that remained was than refunneled out of Russia and right back to the US where it was than quickly laundered. The Bank of New York was busted in such a scheme, moving over $6 Billion (again with a capital "B") in IMF Loans and other monies from Russia. After a deep congressional investigation, the fellow thieves in the US Congress gave them a slap on the wrist for their "accounting" error.

Despite all this, Russia has proven resurgent and has replace the stolen equipment and industries, to become the present day 6th largest economy, one which is poised to pass France and Britain either this year or next.

2. The West supported Yeltsin as he massacred Parliament

The Russian Parliament, which in 1991 stood against the hard line communist coup against Gorbachev, and with whom Yeltsin had than aligned himself and without whose support he would have never become president, than dared to stand in 1993 against the West's designs on Russian resources. It voted against the rushed Yeltsin shock therapy, the therapy that was designed to put all of Russia's resources into the hands of a few of the most corrupt men in the world and their Western backers (such as the salesman of cars...who as billionaire is now in exile in Britain. A murderer, who makes constant noises of raising a coup in Russia. A man who financed the Islamic Jihad in Chechnya...none other than the darling of the West: Berezovsky).

This act of insurrection by the Parliament resulted in the Clinton regime's order to their puppet Yeltsin to "do something about it". Yeltsin did. He ordered tanks to surround the building and opened fire, resulting in over 500 deaths. The next week, the War Cow Albright arrived to hug and kiss him and declare him a Great Democrat. It should be guessed that by Western standards he is, especially when one views how the West treats it's own dissidents and demonstrations (Seattle, Los Angeles, Washington DC all come to mind).

3. The West backed Chechen and other separatist elements

Several years before the Chechen wars even began, the West, particularly the CIA, began mass funding of the Chechen and other Islamic groups throughout Russia, in an effort to create instability and to further breakup Russia. Much of this has been born witness by former Turkish ministers, as was documented in direct interviews in the Russian program "Plan Caucus". Chechens would smuggle out diamonds to help fund their operations, while NATO and the CIA set up training camps in Turkey, with full Turkish participation. The ministers even admitted to meeting Bin Laden and his CIA handlers in 1993, well into the beginning of the First Chechen War.

Of course the Saudis and other Islamic regimes were well involved too. Many snuff films were made of Russian soldiers and civilians and used as training and recruitment videos by Islamics around the world. This was even the case in the Beslan school massacre and was a regular in the Balkan wars against Christian Serbs, Croats and Macedonians...all with either Washington's permissionorblissful and enforced ignorance.

The NATO Turks provided major training bases and recuperation facilities and armed the Islamics with Western equipment, while Western mercenaries, both Islamic and non-Islamic came flooding in. Even western Ukrainian Nazis, Una-Unsa (which is now one of the coalition of American and Brussels backed ruling Orange parties in Kiev) came to fight. Norwegians, western catholic Ukrainians and British were the predominant mercenaries rubbing elbows with Arabs, Pakistanis and Turks in the ranks of Islamic Chechen jihad. In 2002, even a Japanese Islamic was killed crossing the border.

While the Turks provided training facilities only until 1997, when after several high profile Chechen hijackings and hotel hostage takings, public opinion in Turkey turned against them, Orthodox Georgia, another DC/Brussels puppet, was and continues to be not only the main entry point for Islamics but their best outfitter too. Add to this the Islamic training posts in Azerbaijan to fight Jihad against both Russia and Armenia and you already have a strong Western pro-Jihadist presence in the Caucuses and a door way to Central Asia.

Of course the US/Brussels aim was not just destabilization of the Caucuses and one of Russia's major oil transit, nor was it just their aim to buy Islamic good will by once again betraying Christ and Christians (a rather strong cord in all modern Western politics is the hatred of ancient Christianity), the full aim was the total dismemberment of Russia and the draining of her resources and brain power to a point that was unreachable even with the Puppet Yeltsin and his traitorous elites in power.

Thus the monies that were laundered from Russia through Western banks, just as often wound up financing Islamic Jihadist and other smaller rebellious groups as in staying in some Oligarch's or Western politician's bank account.

As Madam Albright once said about Russia: "Siberia has to many resources for one nation (Russia) to hold". This of course from the same woman, the same Secretary of State, who was quoted as saying "why have a military if you can't use it?". To this end, the US once more attempted to forge a Siberian Republic, even going as far as printing separate currency, which thankfully never saw the light of day and still lays in Switzerland. A giant country like this, with only 20 million people, would have been forced to seek DC protection (and absolute and devastating exploitation) or face Chinese annexation. Again, thank Christ, this plan was short lived and Russian nationalism once more won the day.

4. The West expanded an alliance to include all of the Warsaw pact and parts of the former Soviet Union

The West gave Gorbachev a promise: leave East Germany and eastern Europe, allow us to reunify the Germans and NATO will not move West. That lasted all of about 2 years and the march by an anachronism that should have been dissolved shortly after the Warsaw Pact, has been on for the better part of 15 years. NATO has now fought 3 wars of aggression: bombing Bosnian Serbs, bombing Yugoslavia and now mired in Afghanistan. NATO has further tried to absorb Ukraine and Georgia, after US/EU revolutions installed properly pliant Marxists and has even approached Azerbaijan, an Islamic dictatorship (really monarchy) for membership.

Surely if the Western backed Islamic coup in Uzbekistan had succeed in 2003, NATO would be inviting them in also.

Why should Russia ever trust an armed militancy of Christless atheists and their Islamic thugs?

5. The West bombed Russia's closest ally Serbia

In blatant support of Islamic jihad in Bosnia and the Serbian province of Kosovo (and later without bombs but with cash in Macedonia) the West has attacked Russia's closest ally while doing everything it could to expand the presence of Islamic Jihadists in the Balkans. In pure hypocritical double speak, it calls the wars it caused and the Jihadist states it created: "bringing stability to the region."

The commander of NATO, Wesley "conquerer" Clark even threatened to sink Russian, Chinese, Indian and Ukrainian neutral shipping and clucked that if they didn't like it, he would be in Moscow in 30 days. I am assuming he meant after a leisurely bike ride there, since NATO can ask their grandfathers how well that went last time....thosewhohavegrandfathers.

6. The West back every Jihad aimed at Orthodox Christians

The West has whored itself so blatantly to Islam for the past 17 years that even many of it's less than free and kept in the dark people have started to take notice. So the basic pattern is set: if the West (particularly the Anglo-sphere of the US and UK) go to war with Muslims over anything (usually idealism and resources) they will than back stab and sacrifice some smaller Christian group. Various examples have been: Orthodox Armenians and Orthodox Assyrians and Orthodox Iotolan Greeks in Turkey; Cypriot Orthodox Greeks in Cyprus; Bosnian, Serbian and Macedonia; Orthodox Coptics in Egypt; Orthodox and Methodist southern Sudanese; Orthodox and Catholic Iraqis; Catholic Lebanese; Palestinian Orthodox and Catholic Christians and various other small groups around the world.

After all, some sacrifices must be made for the Anglo-West new order and whom to better get rid of then pesky Christians?

7. The West over threw Russia's allies and set up puppet Socialist regimes

There is no low the West has not sunk to, cultivating in a "rash" of color revolutions. The successful ones were in Ukraine, Georgia, Serbia (though that prime minister ended up bleeding out after a few gun shots), Kyrgyzstan (where the new government was still pro-Russian but less so and Islamics were able to gain a lot of power in the south of the tiny country...and hundreds died in fighting) and Moldova (though in Moldova it was successful in making the communists puppets and "allies" to DC/Brussels in exchange for calling off the "spontaneous" revolution).

Western victories in Ukraine (where even Una-Unsa, the local Nazi party, was sponsored with American taxpayer dollars) was to tear that country away from Russia, against the will of most of it's people. Another by product of the Orange socialists and Trotskyites that the West bought and placed in power, was a total return to controlled markets, market price setting by the government and an over all ruined economy. In the first year growth fell from 13% (prior to DC/Brussels socialists) to less than 3%. Of course natural gas theft has skyrocketed back up.

In Georgia, the American trained lawyer Saakashvili has gone out of his way to close independent media, kill political opponents (to include his own prime minister and 2nd) and beat demonstrators, but since he supports NATO expansion and gives comfort to Islamic Jihadists heading to Russia, he's A OK with the West.

The failed ones were in Uzbekistan (where the West hired Islamic radicals out of Pakistan and Afghanistan to over throw the secular dictator Islam Karimov). Luckily for Karimov, he had a lot less scruples about using violence than in Ukraine or Georgia and the Western bought Jihad Revolution died in blood and army steel. Of course this cost the US a nominal ally and won Russia an absolute ally and cost NATO an airbase.

Armenia 's color revolution also failed, but cost the lives of hundreds in street fighting. Belarus was smart enough to head off it's color revolution.

The attempted color revolution in Russia never got started, no matter how much money the US and EU poured into Other Russia and it's main party the National Bolshevik Workers' Party aka Nazis. Simply put, Russians have long memories and still felt the pain of Western rape through the 90s. No thanks.

8. The West actively supported sellout candidates in Russia with illegally given financial aid and revolutionary training

With the Liberals in Russia a non-starter, seeing how Yabloko still can't come up with any new ideas it has not tried in the 1990s and still will not denounce the Oligarchs who raped Russia and were its party members and the more radical oligarchs in exile (mostly in Britain), the West found another sell out horse to bet on: Other Russia.

Other Russia's leader was Gary Kasparov, a former chess champ who is also a New Jersey resident. He is famous for giving interviews outside of Russia, declaring how stupid and loathsome Russians are. His in-country support barely topped 2%. Then there was his partner and head of the People Democratic Union leader Mikhail Kasyanov (who was nicknamed Misha 2% for the commission he took on giving away Russian state assets to oligarchs and Western businesses atfiresaleprices) and finally the majority of the party (yes there were other minor and just as corrupt sellouts besides these three clowns, but they are not worth mentioning) Eduard Limonov (a criminal, wanna-be revolutionary, rumored homosexual), leader of the National Bolshevik Workers' Party aka Nazis.

Yes American and EU taxpayer monies went to support this scum, in an effort to once again sell Russia down the river. Glory to God the people were wiser.

9. The West financed the National Bolshevik (Socialist) Workers' Party aka Nazis in Russia

That's right, Freedom House (a US government front) gives monies directly to Other Russia. First, this action is just as illegal in Russia as the Chinese paying the Democrats under Clinton or the Arabs the Republicans under Bush I and II. But being hypocrites is not something that DC ever lost sleep over.

Furthermore, Kasparov, their former top candidate and New Jersey resident and his personal party were and are the minority party in Other Russia. The majority is Limonov's National Bolshevik Workers' Party aka National Socialist Workers' Party aka Nazis...and the only difference is, out goes the swastika and in comes the hammer and sickle. Yes sir, American freedom lovers, your tax dollars support the Russian Nazi party, just like they support that black sheep member of the Ukrainian Orange Coalition of Trotskyites: Una-Unsa, the Ukrainian Nazi party. I'm sure your grandfathers who fought Hitler are so proud of you for standing up to this. Right? Right?

10. The West tore up its military agreements as soon as they became inconvenient

The moment these treaties no longer felt "right" to the West, primarily the anti-missile defense treaties, out they unilaterally went. The West has proven itself an absolute lying hypocrite on every international law it has sponsored, the moment those laws get in the way of some power mad president and his ambitions to nation build and spread Trotskyite Marxist "Democracy" abroad.

It's bad enough that most of the West resembles a police state, but they insist on spreading these joys to everyone else. Radicals of the Left, the West as a whole.

11. The West stopped Russia from bombing the Taliban and gave them money...that is until the Taliban helped attack the West

What was George Bush's first actions? To continue the Clinton legacy of supporting the Taliban against the Russian, Kazakh, Indian, Iranian supported Northern Alliance. America wanted a pipeline and to that end it needed stability, regardless of what radicals and fanatics sat on the throne. Regardless of the drugs flowing out (and incidentally, since the US take over in Afghanistan, all records in opium production have been that's progress).

Bush used the UN and NATO to push Putin away from bombing the Taliban. He than followed up thisfirst act with a $48 million "gift" to the Taliban in May 2001. Want to be it did not come from his own pocket?

12. The West took Russia's aid in the WOT, in Central Asia and in usual Western gratitude, tried to oust Russia from the area

Russia was the first to call America and offer aid. Russia has equally been the first and only (to include America) to put a monument in for the victims of 911, on American soil. Russia opened the way through to Afghanistan, allowing US and NATO bases in Central Asia. This aid was of course taken and then used to try and oust Russia out of Central Asia in the drive to encircle and neutralize and divide her. No Christian love there, no consciousness amongst the Western Marxists, only the drive to own all and control all.

Glory to Christ, that these attempts were mostly botched and back fired. But the damage in trust was finally fatal and the Russian elites were no longer under any delusions about what they are dealing with. When the next president comes in, regardless of who is elected, and this continues, as it must, there will be the final nail in any kind of out reach and trust.

13. The West is putting missile interceptor silos that could as easily hold short range ballistic nuclear missiles right on Russia's doorstep

Is there any wonder that Russian generals would start threatening to put bombers back in Cuba? When the US now can hit Moscow in 5 minutesandhasprovennoqualms about killing Orthodox Christian civilians, regardless of pretensions of not harming civilians. Be it Indians in the US, southerns in the Confederacy, Filipinos in the former colony, Germans and Japanese in their cities, Serbs in there cities or any such, civilians have been a target for over 200 years.

Damn right, Russian generals are worried.

14. The West tried and failed to take control of Russian key oil resources and in revenge has waged a non-stop propaganda war against Russia for 7 years

One word: Khodorkovsky and that whole sordid affair with Exxon illegally buying (or rather trying to) Russia's main oil fields.

15. The West gives regular asylum to Islamic Jihadists wanted by Russia and to Russian criminals and criminal oligarchs while demanding Russia hand over her citizens on trumped up charges (extradition is illegal under the Russian constitution...not that laws matter to the West)

Amongst the various small fry of the Islamic Jihad, Chechen Edition, who have sought and gained sanctuary in either Western protected UAE or Qatar or Saudi (home of Jihad) Arabia there are the bigger fry who have gotten it directly in the US and UK.

The three biggest of course are Ilyas Akhmadov, the mouth piece of the (now dead) Islamic Jihad warlords Maskhadov and Basayev, who gained protection in the US and is now a regular contributor for the pro-Jihadest American Committee for Peace in Chechnya (ACPC). The leadership of ACPC reads like the who's who of Neocon power. That's right, the "with us or with the terrorists crowd" whores itself out to Islamic constantly, as long as its Russians, Serbs, Indians or others dieing. They even whore out what is supposed to be precious to them: Israel, by constantly pushing one Road Map to Peace (aka National Suicide) or another.

The UK has also given sanctuary both to an Islamic Chechen Jihadist and nuclear materials smuggler Ahmed Zakaev (business partner of now dead Islamic convert Alexander Litvinenko) and to the sponsor of the Chechen Jihad and former Russian Oligarch Boris Berezovsky.

16. The West despises Russian patriotism and Christianity and works hard to crush both

From constant negative press (seems the rule of thumb is 3 negatives for any 1 positive) to pushes for corrupt Western values, the onslaught on the cultural war is never ending. Be it the blocking of Russian channels by Western cable to the push by the international sodomites to run as offensive parades as possible through the streets of Russian cities to the endless Western Dhimmi support and cheer leading for Islam in Russia, the assault never rests.

Any radical movement or event is blown out of all proportion and echoed without end in every news paper, positive developments (if even reported) are shown as flukes of nature or the results of Russians doing something duplicitous to get it.

The West's war against Russia never paused and can no longer be claimed as a war against the Soviet Union. Many of the top proponents have come out and flatly shown themselves as the Russophobes they the applause of the Western elites in general.

Why do they hate us? Because they fear us, because they fear that we stand in the way of their Trotskyite Marxist dreams of utopia. Russia's religious and cultural revival is not just a threat to the elites from Russia but a threat to their control of the whole of Eastern Europe, especially the Orthodox countries. God forbid it might give Germans or Frenchmen the ideas that their culture should not be subverted to the Anglo-Saxon bland and neutral corporate culture of non-culture. God forbid those same Germans or French might get the idea that what they have is worth fighting for.

And God forbid that Russia may once more take up her historic role as defender of Orthodox Christianity in Europe and Christianity in general amongst the Muslims. The owners of many of the West's elites' souls would not be happy. The light of truth shames the Devil and the souls he owns.

Stanislav Mishin

The article reprinted with the kind permission from Stanislav Mishin and can be found on his personal blog Mat Rodina

Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov