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Sarah Palin’s family connected with Alaska Independence

PRAVDA Exclusive Interview with Lynette Clark, Chairperson of the AIP, Alaska Independence Party. The Palin family is directly involved with the Alaskan Independence Movement.


1. What is your feeling and the feeling of your associates on what kind of Governor Sarah Palin is?


She is a fine governor and one who is greatly respected.


2. Here is what they are reporting:  But Lynette Clark, the chairman of the AIP, tells ABC News that Palin and her husband Todd were members in 1994, even attending the 1994 statewide convention in Wasilla. Clark was AIP secretary at the time. A day after ABC News requested a response from Palin as to whether she was ever a member of the AIP, McCain campaign spox Brian Rogers told ABC News that Clark's "allegations are false." 


Here is my Press Release with corrections: 


Press release from the AIP Chairman, Lynette Clark. September 3, 2008


"Most recently I have pulled the entire record regarding the Alaskan Independence Party's 1994 Convention file. I went through all the video, audio and paper records for that function. Something I should have done earlier before making the statement that Governor Palin was a member of the Alaskan Independence Party. For that I humbly apologize to Governor Palin, and, to both national and local press, and media. I, foolishly, repeated and accepted as fact what an officer of this membership shared with myself, and husband Dexter Clark, over a year ago. My statement was incorrect regarding the Governor's membership. What was correct was that Todd Palin was a member, that Sarah as a candidate for Governor appeared at the AIP Convention in 2006, and sent a welcoming DVD to the membership at the 2008 AIP statewide convention. Those truths do not take away my fault in mis-speaking regarding her membership. For that I do take full responsibility. I hold Governor Palin in high regard, I believe she is far and away the best individual Alaska could have as Governor, and as a woman, mother and wife is one of the best examples walking!


Thank you and again, I apologize to all.

Lynette Clark, Chairman, Alaskan Independence Party


3. Can you comment on these denials? 


I have never denied saying the two statement quotes written below.


"Lynette Clark says that Palin is "a fine individual. She's forthright and she puts Alaska first."

"I can't understand why in God's name she has aligned herself with a candidate who opposes the development of our republic and Alaska's resource wealth," Clark says.


 4. How does John McCain oppose the development of Alaska and what other pertinent comments do you have regarding John McCain, Palin's running mate? 


You would merely have to look at candidate McCain's record regarding developing Alaska's resources, ANWR for one.


4. Can you verify this: "Todd Palin was twice registered with the Alaskan Independence Party. Gail Fenumiai, director of the Alaska Division of Elections, said Todd Palin twice registered under the Alaskan Independence Party — in 1995 and 2000."


The statement below is correct with AIP records also, but I would add, our records are from the Alaska Division of Elections.


Earlier this year (March 2008), Palin sent a video message to the AIP for its annual convention, _(<this is correct and can be found on youtube..._) (this..."where AIP vice chair George Clark told the small crowd that Palin "was an AIP member before she got the job as a mayor of a small town –- that was a non-partisan job." is incorrect...That statement was made a year earlier (by Dexter Clark, not George) at the Second North American Secessionist Convention in Chattanooga Tennessee not at the AIP Convention in March 2008.) She also had about an 80 percent approval rating, and is pretty well sympathetic to her former membership (was not a member).


 Palin did address the Alaskan Independence Party's state convention by video earlier this year, welcoming the party to Fairbanks. (true)


"Your party plays an important role in our state's politics," she said in the video, which is posted on the party's Web site. "I've always said that competition is so good, and that applies to political parties as well." (this is true)


 5. Can you verify that such a video message exists? Do you have transcripts or a video that can be shown? 


It can be found on youtube.



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