Author`s name Alex Naumov

Georgia’s opposition buries Saakashvili’s regime

The truce between official authorities of Georgia and its opposition is over. Some parties urge the nation to unite to create new Georgia. Others say that the country will have no future under Saakashvili regime. Many Georgian politicians say that the country must return to the Russian Internet, to refuse from the NATO integration and elect a new president.

Several opposition parties of Georgia have turned down the Charter of Georgian Politicians introduced by the Georgian government. The document touches upon the issues of retrieving the territorial integrity of the nation, withdrawing Russian troops, joining NATO and taking a direct course aimed at the European integration. The parties do not protest against the document per se. They protest against the fact that it was originally submitted by Mikhail Saakashvili.

“We are not going to sign any document together with the government. The only document that we will sign is the dismissal of the government,” Kaha Dzaganiya, a member of the Labor Part of Georgia said.

The leader of the Labor Party, Shalva Natelasvili, offered the government of Georgia to step down at its own will.

“The incumbent government must step down. It must happen without any actions or manifestations of protest. The government must realize that its own dismissal will let the country come out of the crisis and save the nation,” he said.

“The new political force that will come to power in Georgia must strive to develop normal relations with both the United States and the Russian Federation. In the future, Georgia must conduct the policy of non-alignment, which does not mean a complete renunciation of NATO. It means that Georgia will be able to join the political organization of NATO, but not the military structure of NATO,” Shalva Natelasvili said.

The leader of the Republican Party of Georgia, Levan Berdzenishvili, was very disappointed by the fact that Georgia had been cut off from accessing Russian websites.

“I don’t like it when some Yakobashvili [Georgia’s Minister for Reintegration] forbids me to visit Russian websites. Why would he forbid this to me? Which law says that it is possible in Georgia?” Georgia’s Republican leader said.

Kaha Kukava, one of the leaders of the United Opposition of Georgia, accused Saakashvili of high treason to preserve his personal power.

David Gamkrelidze, the leader of Georgia’s right-wing forces, said that Mikhail Saakashvili does not have a moral right to be the nation’s president and the Supreme Commander-in-Chief.