Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Amazonia: Robbery has already begun

Information sources of PRAVDA.Ru in Peru indicate that the United States of America is using the region of Ayacucho as a camp for military training and intelligence operations.

According to Congressman Juana Huancahuari Paucar, quoted by sources of PRAVDA.Ru in Peru, the USA is building an airfield in Pichari, valley of the Apurímac and Ene Rivers. Additionally, the intention exists to militarize the entire region, with the active presence of US soldiers. The Congressman declared that, “the USA is to use for its own advantage the servile consent of the Aprista government to install a base that will allow them to monitor the actions of social sectors and of the governments of Latin America, under the pretext of combating narco-traffic ".

The information source of PRAVDA.Ru in Peru relates that it is “the clear intention of the foreigners to have a presence in Amazonia” which has reserves of fuels and hydrocarbons, besides thousands of species of flora and fauna. With the North Americans here in this region, they would then have a presence on five frontiers: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil and Venezuela, in a zone where an enormous reserve of oil exists.

The same source declares that “U.S.A. will bribe the government of Peru to accept the presence of thousands of military” and that it is already known that the government of the U.S.A. does not permit its troops to be judged in the International Criminal Court for war crimes, rape, robbery, assassination, or any other actions.

Will it be that Latin America is going to allow the installation of a base with a military presence that is collectively responsible for a million deaths in Iraq?

Timofei BYELO


Translated by Lisa KARPOVA