Happy Birthday Prensa Latina

Agência Latino-Americana de Notícias (Prensa Latina PL), was founded in Havana, Cuba on 16th June 1959, after the victorious Cuban Revolution against Imperialist forces.

Prensa Latina offers a newswire service 24 hours a day, supported by its network of correspondents and these services are contracted by radio and TV broadcasters and the printed press not only in Latin America but also in all the continents around the world.

This valuable source of information is available on the Internet at the following website:


According to the official source, “Apart from news, commentaries, points of view and other daily themes, both political and economic, in the areas of culture, science and technology, sports, the contents of the printed publications can also be found, most of which offer the reader immense information on the most varied themes in Cuban life, apart from a complete tourist guide of Havana, the CDs produced by the Multimedia Division of the Agency and the books under its editorial stamp”.

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