Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Roberts Gates says Russia makes USA increase its nuclear potential

The Pentagon has found another reason for arms race discussion. Defense Secretary Robert Gates believes that Russia has been increasing its nuclear potential recently, pushing the USA towards counter measures, including those in the field of the nuclear arsenal expansion.

Gates released a landmark statement in Virginia: "It seems clear that the Russians are focused, as they look at the future, more on strengthening their nuclear capabilities," he said.

The Pentagon’s chief believes that Russia has shifted its priorities from conventional weapons to nuclear technologies. That is why, Gates said, the USA should act similarly to strengthen its missile defense system. According to the US Defense Secretary, the significance of the US nuclear restraint forces will be increased in the nearest future.

So to the extent that they (the Russian authorities) rely more and more on their nuclear capabilities, ... it underscores the importance of our sustaining a valid ...nuclear deterrent," he said.

Gates said that Moscow has taken as many as possible to retrieve Russia’s erstwhile reputation, which was seriously damaged in the post-Soviet chaos. The reforms, which the Russian government runs, have touched upon the nation’s Armed Forces as well. Robert Gates pointed out that Russia was gradually making a professional and mobile army with up-do-date level of equipment. “Indeed, Russia does not invest in the social field, which can be seen on many factors, including the demographic situation,” Gates said.

Gates released the above-mentioned statements responding to Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who announced a plan to set up an international committee for non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and disarmament after his visit to Hiroshima. In addition, the US Defense Secretary

Gates also set out his views pertaining to the change in the administration of the US Air Force. Gates said that the replacements had been made against the background of serious nuclear errors. It particularly goes about the flight of a B-52 bomber across the US territory with nuclear cruise missiles on its wings. Gates nominated Norton Schwartz to replace Moseley as chief of staff.

Schwartz is a former C-130 pilot who flew some of the last missions to evacuate Saigon in 1975.

Schwartz, currently the head of the US Transportation Command, has previously served as the director of the Joint Staff and as deputy commander of the US Special Operations Command.

Gates said Schwartz' military-wide experience and his knowledge of special operations were what made him stand out, AFP reports.

Russia ’s President Dmitry Medvedev said about a month ago that Russia needs to invest more in the development of the national nuclear potential to be able to repulse national security threats.