Russian military base found on the border with Estonia

If you look at the Google Earth map and follow the route A-212 to the west of the Russian town Pskov, you can notice a secret Russian military base not far from the border with Estonia. The Economist magazine states that to the north of the road you can see an oval that is nothing but a “shadow from the satellite dish f at least 66 feet diameter” with 5 small and 1 medium dishes situated nearby. Six years ago the place where today the base stands was empty. The magazine also states that this object isn’t listed in any catalogs. This means that the base was built recently.

The Economist referring to the important western politician, states that the location of the base allows monitoring the super modern sputnik Inmarsat 4 F-2.

Considered one of the strongest sputniks in the International naval satellite navigation, sputnik Inmarsat transmits a large amount of information from different continents.

“If you live in the USA or Europe and your computer has a USB-port, the information you send most probably goes through Inmarsat 4 F-2”, - the magazine says.

“Take into consideration the fact that sputnik Inmarsat, that Russian base is to monitor, may receive information concerning Estonia, NATO and the EU, and you’ll understand that the issue might become quite urgent”, - says the Estonian newspaper Postimees in reference to ETV24.

The authors of the investigation think that military base belongs to Federal Agency for Government Communications and Information. Note that in March, 2003, the FAGCI was modified into the Service of special communication and information under the Federal Protection Service.

For ordinary mobile users the sputnik’s signal could appear too weak, but things become much easier with the help of a 20-diameter dish. When the authors tried to track where the shadow of the dish’s northern border leads to, they found it was the island of Gogland in the Gulf of Finland. The island is 33miles away from Estonia and 24 miles away from Finland. It belongs to Russia since Russian-Finnish war.

The Estonian authorities announced that Russian defense campaign will lead to “increased tension between the countries”.

“The fact itself that Russia increases military power in our region is an alarm”, - said the head of Defense Forces of Estonia major general Antsa Laaneotsa.

He thinks that the announced reason for the radar installation is just a “visible side of the iceberg”. “The main purpose of the radar to show Russia’s presence in the Gulf of Finland and to enhance security to the Nord Stream gas line”, - he reveals.

Kaarel Kaas, the minor member of the International Center of Defense Research, says: “In theory it will be possible to track at least the informational space of Estonia and Finland. It’s especially important that Estonia is a NATO and EU member, because it will be possible to receive not just the domestic information, but also the classified data of NATO and the EU”.

Today the Estonian specialists say the existence of this base is possible, because it meets the increasing power of Russia in the world arena, but nobody can say what the true purpose of the base is.

“We don’t know what’s going on. What we know is that the equipment which monitors the information from the sputnik is no good for anything else”, - Kaarel Kaas says.


Translated by Lena Popina

Author`s name Alex Naumov