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Tribal strife in Kenya

By Babu G. Ranganathan

Many are saying that it is racist or simplistic to claim that Kenya's recent political riots are tribal. They say that the problems go beyond tribal to employment, land, and water resources. Nonsense! The reason why there are problems with employment, land, and water resources is because of tribal enmity and hatred where the dominant tribe prevents equal opportunity to the other tribes.

In Africa, the black man has hated and despised his fellow black man long before colonialism and Western slavery. Colonialism exacerbated the problem by grouping together different tribes into single nations, but African tribes, like Native Americans, were hating and killing one another long before they saw white skin and blue eyes.

African tribes also practiced slavery over other African tribes. When one African tribe conquered another tribe the conquered tribe, in many cases, would become slaves. Some say that African slavery was benign. Tell that to the slave! Among African tribes there were various forms of slavery. Many tribes treated their fellow Africans who were slaves as mere chattel property, no different than the status that slaves had in America. Other tribes allowed the descendants of fellow Africans who were slaves to earn their way out of slavery and to move up in society only after several generations had passed.

Sin is not only found in the white man. It also exists abundantly in the black man and in all men and in all societies. In the early 1990's the African Hutu tribe slaughtered one million Tutsis, another African tribe. Many of them were slowly tortured before family members before they were finally killed. Tribalism is a big problem in Africa. Even among many Africans who are Christian, the tribe always comes first.

African blacks need to repent of their own "home-grown" version of "racism" (tribalism). It's not always the white man's fault!

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