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Barack Obama: The black president in the White House?

Senator Barack Obama has made a surprise victory at primaries in South Carolina. The state, which traditionally supports Republican presidential candidates, will most likely prefer to vote for a Democrat. About 55 percent voted for Obama, whereas Hillary Clinton received 27 percent of votes.

The victory in Illinois wins Obama 54 votes of Democratic delegates from Illinois at the Congress of the Democratic Party that is slated to take place in Denver, Colorado. The congress will name its national presidential candidate.

Hillary Clinton could no longer pretend that she was not a woman, but an androgyny in a suit. Barack Obama could not longer pretend that he was not a black male. Hillary Clinton displayed her womanhood during New Hampshire primaries. Her tears won her the votes of many women who gave her a victory. In South Carolina it was suddenly revealed that Barack Obama was a black male, which also won him a victory.

The primaries in South Carolina unveiled a complicated problem. It would be impossible to disregard the racial issue in a state with 60 percent of non-white population. Obama had to recollect the fact that his father was a black man from Kenya. The recollection brought its results immediately: about 59 percent of non-white voters said they had voted for Obama simply because of his skin color.

In South Carolina, the color of the skin determines the economic well-being of its people. Unemployment makes up about 20 percent among the non-white population, whereas its level is only 3.3 percent among the white residents. About 38 percent of black families live below the poverty line as opposed to 13 percent of white families.

When Hillary and Bill Clinton criticized Obama, non-white individuals believed that they were criticized too. Many say that they are inspired with the idea of having the black president of the United States of America.

However, black people make only 12 percent of the American population. Obama will have poor chances to be elected in the event his campaign is solely based on the racial factor. For example, Jesse Jackson already attempted to become a Democratic candidate running for presidency. He won triumphant victories in southern states but eventually suffered a shattering defeat. Jackson did not originally intend to become the US president: his campaign pursued racial issues.

Unlike Jackson, Obama runs a targeted election campaign. That is why his headquarters are deeply concerned about the racial aspect. It pushes white voters away from the senator, which automatically deprives him of his primary goal.

Opinion polls showed a month ago that about 40 percent of white people were ready to support Clinton, whereas 23 percent followed Obama. Today, 53 percent of white US citizens support Hillary Clinton, and 24 percent – Obama. However, the black population of the United States – 63 percent of the polled - supports Obama, whereas Clinton enjoys the support of 23 percent. Hillary Clinton thus becomes a likely candidate for victory. Barack Obama will have to take an immense effort to prove his “non-racial affiliation” to the white electorate.

The answer will become known on February 5, when the Democratic Party holds primaries in 24 states. That day will show whether Americans are ready to see a black president in the Oval Office of the White House. Maybe they will decide to see a white woman there instead.

Based on news reports from Russian online media

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Translated by Dmitry Sudakov