Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

USA prepares military action against Iran?

U.S. President George W. Bush is finishing his three-day trip to Israel. On Friday Bush intends to visit Jerusalem’s major places of interest, but the main goal of Bush’s Mideastern tour is not so peaceful as it may seem at first sight.

The administrations of Mossad and Aman (external intelligence) prepared a report for Shimon Peres to prove that Iran was going to build its first A-bomb during the coming several months. The document, of which the U.S. administration is obviously informed, may counterbalance the recent report from American special services that said that Teheran suspended its attempts to make nuclear weapons.

Bush stated after his two-hour meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that Iran continued to be a “threat to world peace.” The president added that Washington would continue to show pressure on Teheran.

The president of the Academy of Geopolitical Sciences of Russia, Leonid Ivashov, said in an interview with that Bush’s visit to the Middle East is linked with both the presidential race and an attempt to retrieve his influence in the troubled region.

First and foremost, George Bush outlined his priorities. Israel, its security and support is definitely the first priority for the States. That may mean that Bush is trying to win the support of the pro-Israel lobby, especially its financial structures.

The peacemaking mission of the U.S. president is the second priority. Bush visited Israel to regulate the conflict with Palestine. To crown it all, Bush is willing to exercise his readiness to attack Iran. According to his own statements, the U.S. president views Iran as the country that may start the Third World War.

Bush also tries to ruin the unification of the Arab world, to separate Iran from the Arab world. It is not ruled out that the USA may eventually launch a military action against Iran. The new war may start as a result of provocative activities. U.S. special services may fabricate Bush’s assassination and accuse Iran of the attempted crime.

Most likely, though, the U.S. administration will try to avoid the war. It currently aims to attack Iran from within, to organize a coup in the rebellious country.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov