Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Kenya: 100.000 Persons Need Emergency Support

One hundred thousand persons need urgent humanitarian help following ethnic violence during this week, after the electoral process, which caused the deaths of nearly 300 men.

John Holmes, Vice Secretary General of UNO for Humanitarian Subjects and Coordinator of Emergency Help, declared today that “Humanitarian agencies of UNO in Kenya are to prepare themselves to do everything necessary to give needed help to dislocated persons in this difficult peak.”

He urged all political leaders in the country to recognize the fact that they “have a responsibility to protect the lives of innocent people, whatever their race, religion or ethnic origin, and to guarantee that aid reaches those most in need.”

Sexual violence increased markedly, while the Food Worldwide Program estimates that 100.000 persons will need vegetables and oil during the next month, principally in the Valley of Rift. The Government of Kenya dispensed 1.800 metric tons of cereals, sufficient for 120.000 persons during a month.

The UNO estimates that around 70.000-80.000 persons were dislocated by the violence in the Valley of Rift, besides tens of thousands of persons who were forced to flee their homes in the neighboring districts of Nairobi. There are reports of refugees in the hundreds crossing the frontier to Uganda.

There are already signs of alarm. Anna Tibaijuka, Director General of the UNO Mission in Nairobi, declared that, “Thousands of persons are dislocated and at risk. It is essential to guarantee the supply of food, water, fuel and medicines be moved, which are scarce in many areas with large populations.”

Timofei BYELO