The West intends to unleash another Balkan war

The situation in Kosovo becomes more and more intense as long as the day of December 10 is drawing near. Three international intermediaries – the EU, the United States and Russia will present their reports and opinions on further actions of the international community as far as Kosovo is concerned. Afterwards, the Kosovo issue will be handed over under the authority of the UN Security Council.

However, another round of peace talks on the Kosovo problem, which took place in Vienna from 26 to 28 of November, gave no results. There is also no accord among intermediaries now: Russian diplomats are certain that it is possible to find a compromise. They insist negotiations should be continued, while their colleagues from the EU and the USA claim that further talks are meaningless, because everything depends on the governments of Serbia and Kosovo.

Meanwhile, experts have no doubts if the status issue goes beyond the Security Council authority, there would have another Balkan War. The Allied Command indirectly confirmed that these fears are groundless. NATO is expecting mass collisions between Serbians and Albanians in Kosovo in the near future, said General John Craddock. “I think there would be enough people eager to strengthen tension and it can cause collisions,” he said. Craddock also added that North Atlantic Treaty is ready to resist violence: NATO can increase its current 16,000-strong contingent in Kosovo.

NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer has released a similar statement before. He said in his speech of November 30 that NATO would not tolerate riots in Kosovo and increase its military presence in case of emergency. The Secretary General also pointed out that violence was not a method that could help solve the problem.

Several European countries that completely supported the declaration of independence in Kosovo after December 10, have a different point of view nowadays. French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced that Paris would support Kosovo’s sovereignty only if it would be proclaimed on “the right moment.” The president also mentioned that he did not approach the day of December 10 as that very moment. Meanwhile, Fatmir Sejdiu, the President of Kosovo, said that he could not announce the precise date of Kosovo’s independence declaration. He added, though, that it would happen very soon.

It is worthy of note that the EU mission, which is to replace UN diplomats in Kosovo, is quite complete now. The replacement can not be conducted without UN’s decision. Thus, Brussels and Washington will do it upon UN Secretary General’s silent agreement at the end of January, as a spokesman for Serbia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

The West does not seem to care much about the fact that such a decision would cause massive riots in the region. Western officials already try to shift responsibility for a possible destabilization on Russia, because it supposedly “blocks the free expression of Albanian majority will”.

Thus, Serbia pins hopes on Moscow again. If the West realizes its plan, the Balkans and the whole Europe may turn into a battlefield again, experts say.


Translated by Ksenia Sedyakina

Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov