Train rams into bus in Russia

Train rams into bus in Russia

A train rammed into a passenger bus, the motor of which died on railway tracks in the Vladimir region of Russia on October 6. The drivers could not start the engine because of a problem with a battery. 19 people, including one child, were killed in the accident, but the bus driver survived.

The Mercedes bus was reportedly carrying 55 citizens of Uzbekistan to Moscow. There were two drivers in the bus, nationals of Kazakhstan, one of them was killed.

The accident occurred at 03:29 a.m. in the area of the Pokrov station of the Vladimir region, when a train traveling from St. Petersburg to Nizhny Novgorod crashed into the bus on the railway tracks. The train driver tried to stop the train, although to no avail. The break path of the train was said to be over 700 meters. Thirty-four passengers of the bus survived.


Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov