Monster Sarmat missile ready for trials

Monster Sarmat missile ready for trials

Russia may conduct a test of the prototype of the new intercontinental ballistic missile known as Sarmat in October 2017.

The test will be held to check the work of the powdered launch accelerator, which pushes the missile out of the silo and controls the behaviour of the missile afterwards. The Sarmat ICBM will fall within the range ground.

The tests of the new Russian ICBM Sarmat, which is expected to replace the Voevoda missile, were postponed several times before. Previously, the test was supposed to take place in March of 2017, but the plans changed.

Missile launchers of the new ICBM are protected to the maximum. To destroy one launcher, one would need to inflict no less than seven high-precision nuclear strikes. The Sarmat missile can be equipped with 10-15 warheads, and its range makes up to 11,000 kilometres.

The RS-28 Sarmat missile comes as a successor to the R36M2 Voyevoda missile - the heaviest ballistic intercontinental missiles in the world that NATO refers to as Satan.


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov