Canada forces children to attend school sodomy clubs

Canada forces children to attend school sodomy clubs

The Canadian Minister of Education has banned schools from saying parents that their children are made to visit Gay Straight Alliance clubs. David Eggen has sent a letter to all the schools in the province of Alberta, where he has forbidden to inform parents that their children go to 'Homosexual ideology' clubs.

The Canadian legislation requires today all the schools, including Christian ones, to create clubs 'for popularization of nonstandard relations'. However, the Canadian law has not specified yet whether parents should be informed about their children's visiting such clubs. Thus, a scandal has broken in Canada. The reason is statement of a new leader of the local Progressive Conservative Party Jason Kenney who has supported right of parents to know about membership of their children in school clubs 'on promotion of nonstandard alliances'.

In response, the local Education Minister has called such 'conservative' stance to be an 'extremist' one. In order to keep a tight rein on schools, he has immediately sent a letter to all the educational institutions of Alberta which strictly bans parents from being notified of their children's visiting school clubs on propaganda of nonstandard relations. Private Christian schools are not excused from creating alike clubs either.


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