Japan plays Syrian card against North Korea

Japan plays Syrian card against North Korea

Japan has claimed that they are afraid of appliance of chemical weapons by North Korea. Such a threat, according to the Defence Minister of the country Tomomi Inada, is posed not only by Syria, but North Korea as well.

The Minister here noted important role of 'the US deterrent' and hoped that efforts of the US would bring result. The Japanese Secretary General also reported that the country 'highly values stance of the US on North Korea, which does not exclude appliance of military force against this state'.

As Pravda.Ru reported, the US President Donald Trump ordered the US Navy carrier strike group with the Carl Vinson aircraft carrier to go to North Korea and stay off the Korean peninsula in the Western part of the Pacific Ocean. The military was ordered to be ready for a strike to annihilate Kim Jong-un's government, plants and stores with nuclear weapons as well as military bases of North Korea.


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