USA attacks sovereign state Syria

USA attacks sovereign state Syria

The US has struck the Syrian base of government forces with cruise missiles. The US ships in the Mediterranean Sea have launched about 60 Tomahawk missiles. The decision has been taken by the US President Donald Trump. The target is Shayrat airport, from which the Syrian aircraft which allegedly conducted a chemical assault in the province of Idlib, had taken off.

The attack was carried out between 3a.m. - 4 a.m. Moscow time. The Syrian army used this airbase for fight against ISIS, fighters of which started a massive offense just after the US strike. According to the latest data, peaceful civilians were killed, they lived in a village near the airbase. There are also victims among military - 5 dead and 7 wounded.

The US decision to carry out a missile strike has been supported by the British authorities. President of Turkey Recep Erdogan also claimed yesterday about his readiness to support the US operation in Syria, should it take place.


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