NATO comes to Poland, but not for drills

NATO comes to Poland, but not for drills

The NATO has arrived in Poland not for the sake of exercises. The military of alliance carry out reconnaissance and choose grounds for defence, as the US Lt Col Steve Gventer, commanding the battle group, told the Daily Express journalist.

As Pravda.Ru reported, 1,300 military men arrived in Poland from Great Britain, the US and Romania. They are to 'form a wall of steel from Estonia, in the north, to Poland, to defend Nato territory from Russia, should President Vladimir Putin threaten invasion'.

According to Gventer, aim of the Alliance is to find out how to defend NATO's sovereignty. Arsenal of the group is impressive. There are in particular 79 Stryker armoured vehicles, mortar carriers and mobile guns; 6 British Howitzer artillery pieces; 25 reconnaissance vehicles and other.

As Pravda.Ru reported, in April the US tanks approached Russian borders at a record-close distance - 700km. And as it became known, the Alliance was going to carry out maneuvers with 'seizure and occupation' of the Russian villages, that is why they needed the Russian-speaking population in the European countries.