Estonia begs Russia for a deal

Representatives of the Estonian transport sector suffer losses because of dire state of transit volumes. They have addressed the MPs, asking to restore transit traffic with Russia.
In response, the MPs have promised to help them take part in the TransRussia exhibition in order to make deals with the Russians, although opposition is against restoration of normal economic relations between the countries.
The Estonian transport workers have been also reassured that they would get support for signing deals with the Kazakhstani companies as well via participation in relevant exhibitions.
While Chairman of the Financial Commission Mihhail Stalnuhhin has offered to establish direct cooperation with the corresponding Russian State Duma Committee. 'Sanctions against Russia have been catastrophic, catastrophe for our agriculture turned out to be small. Transit has shrunk 6 times for the latest 6 years,' he said.
What about transit, the country has lost 350 million euro for 10 years because of dire state of cargo transshipment via Estonia.
Apart from private companies, the port of Tallinn and national railway company of Estonia will take part in the TransRussia exhibition, the Estonians hope for so much.