What Putin controls and what he is afraid of

What Putin controls and what he is afraid of

CNN TV Channel has shown a film named The Most Powerful Man in the World, which was made by a journalist Fareed Zakaria. The film is about the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Authors have revealed that Putin controls everything in Russia and is afraid of a popular uprising. Although, it is noted that people welcomed Putin positively, when he became the head of state after Boris Yeltsin.

The authors also reminded of alleged Russia's intrusion into the US elections. The Russian authorities were accused of cyber attacks without any grounds, as it is common though in the US. The film also provides allegations that Moscow could have compromising information on the current US President Donald Trump.

The role of experts was taken on by former US Defence Secretary Robert Gates, The New Yorker editor David Remnick, and journalists Masha Gessen and Julia Ioffe.


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