Russian traveller to set new hot air balloon record

Russian traveller to set new hot air balloon record

Famous Russian traveller Fedor Konyukhov is going to set a new world flight altitude record for a hot air balloon. He will fly to stratosphere from the Russian Vostochny spaceport. Specialists from six countries - Great Britain, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, the US and Russia - are currently working on construction of the balloon. The volume of outer envelope will make up 100,500 cubic metres. It should be the biggest balloon in world history.

As the traveller revealed, as soon as in April he will inspect the cabin, which will be in a gondola. He will be in it like am astronaut, as the air is rarefied at such altitude. He will breathe in a mask. The equipment resembles that in the submarines, and carbon dioxide will be turned into oxygen.

Konyukhov plans to fly up to 25,000m. It was supposed before that he would take off from the territory of Yakutia. However, later he changed his mind in order to 'draw attention of the whole world to our spaceport. And show that it is open for everybody,' the traveller said.

Since 2020 astronauts will start flying into space from the Vostochny. Konyukhov believes that manned flights to the Moon and Mars will be also carried out from the Russian spaceport.


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