NATO spies ask for annihilation in Crimea

NATO spies ask for annihilation in Crimea

The Russian Aerospace Forces have reported about growing number of flights of the NATO surveillance drones at air frontiers of the country in Crimea. The Russian Su-30SM and Su-27SM fighters take off from the Belbek air base to intercept unmanned aerial vehicles which approach the Russian borders.

As one of the Aerospace Forces' representatives revealed, 'frequent missions of the interceptors for the last 10 days have been triggered by stepped-up flights of the NATO's unmanned aerial vehicles at the Crimean air frontiers. Duty shifts of interceptors are carried out in full combat readiness, while pilots go on duty in partial pressure suits'.

And the so-called stealth technologies applied in the NATO's surveillance drones do not deter Russian radars from detecting them, they provide interceptors with accurate targets.

In course of the interception Russian fighters demonstrate suspended missile armament to trespassers and readiness to apply it. Such a demonstration is enough for the NATO's spies to change the route away from Russian borders.


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