Declassified: Canada to shoot down passenger airliners

Declassified: Canada to shoot down passenger airliners

The Canadian CBS TV Channel has brought unpleasant news for airline passengers. In case an airplane is hijacked or an attack like 9/11 is suspected, the Canadian Air Forces will shoot down passenger airliners.

Documents which were obtained under the Act on access to information evidence that military fighters will take off for the sake of security of the Canadian National Tower in Toronto, which is the highest building in the country. Despite cabins being filled with passengers, an order will be given to carry out a missile strike. The CBS added that it's indicated in the document how many aircraft should be involved, who takes the decision and under which circumstances it can be conducted. However, taking into consideration that it's a secret plan on annihilation of hijacked planes with passengers, details were not disclosed.

As Pravda.Ru reported, sources in the Pentagon also confirmed existence of the same plan in the US. After the 9/11 terror act military officials decided not to allow such tragedies even at the cost of annihilation of airliners with passengers.


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