First mock-up of Russia's new PAK DA strategic bomber revealed

The Russian Tupolev aerospace and defence company has created the first full-scale mock-up of the prospective aviation complex for long-range aviation (PAK-DA). New strategic bomber is being designed for the Russian Aerospace Forces. It is to replace three planes at once - the Tu-22M3, Tu - 95MS and Tu-160.

It is known that there are several composite and wooden mock-ups under the 'flying wing' scheme. Due to the stealth technology, radar-absorbent materials may be used.

What about weapon, it will be installed inside the bomber. The combat vehicle will be also stuffed with up-to-date electronic warfare systems. Airborne armament will also comprise long-range hypersonic missiles.

According to designers, requirements of the Aerospace Forces for the new long-range aircraft are quite high: it is both a strategic bomber and operational tactical carrier bomber. The first trial model may take off as early as in 2025, while demonstration in public will take place next year.